Simple Moments Become Lasting Memories

simple moments

simple moments

I have this neighbor that I’ve mentioned here before. You know, the one who is always bringing me food? I know. You wonder how I find such cool neighbors, and you would like to claim my house when I leave. You’ll have to talk to the leasing office. I’m just a renter.

You could imagine my excitement when I realized that Chanda also has a blog. A friend that can be both a real life and a blogging friend! Shut up! Too much goodness!

And today, since everyone knows I am not blog shy, I get to be on her page too. So is JD. Look for the reference to my dirt-loving son. I hope you will head over and read it because it’s a great post about friendship. Here’s a snippet and a link:

French-born novelist, Anaïs Nin expresses this special bond beautifully when she said, “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

Making and maintaining a friendship takes energy and time. There is probably nothing more enjoyable than spending time with special friends. While some people prefer to spend time alone, others like to socialize and be around other people. With a new hometown every 2-3 years meeting people becomes harder as an adult and keeping one close through the distance is… here to read the rest of this post.

I disabled comments here, so if you’d like to comment (and we do love comments), please comment on Chanda’s website.

Have a great week, y’all!

The Great Toy Overhaul

This spot right here is where I’d love to share a giant photo of all the other moms and me. And to make it even worse, I actually have the perfect picture!! However, I try really hard to not tick people off by posting their smiling face on my blog, so I’m refraining. I want you to know that sometimes it is incredibly hard!!! I want to show you my super cute friends, but I also want them to stay my friends.

Every article is better WITH pictures, so if you ever mention to me that you are not blog-shy, it will make my day, and I promise to not abuse the privilege.

My successful Mom’s Night was made possible due to the Great Toy Overhaul.

What’s that, you ask? Prepare to be shocked:

The Great Toy Overhaul

Every single toy they OWNED.

This has been bothering me for about 8 years. Five different rooms with toys in them, all reachable by children, all mixed in. Cars in the blocks box, dinosaurs in with the Little People, and basically not a single fun set because what makes sets fun is having the whole set together.

But how???? I’ve re-sorted toys a billion times, and it never stays that way.

So I devised a plan, a brilliant idea in my brain. I did this five days before Mom’s Night, and the toys managed to stay fixed the whole five days!!

While Nonna and DaddyO were still here, I announced, “As you put kids to bed, I’m snatching all the toys out of their rooms and dumping them all in the living room. THEN we are going to give away HALF of them, sort the rest, and store all toys where the boys can’t reach them. From now on, I will set out two sets of toys to play with in the living room each day, and we can rotate them.”

Alan was giddy. “Can we give away all of them!? Let’s just scrap it ALL! Then they will have to do puzzles and read, and that’s it!”

Well, now, let’s not get carried away.

DaddyO put his face in his hands. Was he pretending to be sick to get out of this insane project??  No, but I did allow him to sneak upstairs rather than participate in all the sorting fun. After all, the man did clean my microwave, and he’d spent so much time with JD during this visit that we began to think that JD had stamped DaddyO with his dirt and hypnotized him into being his personal servant. We let JD’s servant go on up to bed.


Dirt boy misses DaddyO.

Nonna and I did the bulk of the toy sorting work. I know many of you have never met Nonna, so I should explain. She’s like the grand slam hitter of any home improvement task. Want to make sure a job gets done? Who do you send in when the bases are loaded, with only 1 out to spare??? Nonna! She has more energy than Caleb, and that’s saying a lot.

I was rather proud of us.

We gave away the equivalent of 5 diaper boxes full of play things!

We’ve made it through a solid WEEK, and I’m here to tell you that it can be done. The toys are still SORTED! This brought me so much peace!!

Watch out drawers and closets!!! You are next!!!

……..So yes, Mom’s Night was largely a success because we did not need to clean up any children’s rooms. I was able to give them a full house tour. Plus, I taught all 11 of my friends how to play Four on the Couch. Never played? Oh, we must! Next time there are at least 8 of us together, we will be happy to teach you!

Here’s a little of what else has been going on around these parts:

Joshua is gradually learning how to write essays this year in school.

Therefore, I created a “Whining and Complaining” Chart. Every time a child obeys WITHOUT whining, complaining, or arguing, they get a check mark by their name. Once everyone gets 17 check marks, we are going to have a Friday Fun Day, and I’m going to take them to see a movie.

Every time they DO whine, argue, or complain, I erase a check mark.

Why 17? Because that’s where I reached the end of the poster board.

No, I didn’t put myself on the chart. Let’s not get overly ambitious. 😉 I’m kidding. Now that I think about it, perhaps I will put myself on the chart.

Caleb made a perfect 100 on his math test this week. We’re talking problems like 86 x3 (in the 3rd grade!!  For real!!) and 112+130+95. I have not been this excited since Alabama won the National Championship. Forget about Caleb; let’s focus on his brilliant math teacher!!!  :) :) :)hehehe Just kidding. This victory was Caleb’s. 😉

Daniel MASTERED bicycle riding, which has created attention overload everywhere Daniel goes.


I think he looks like such a big boy!!

“Look at that. A baby riding a bicycle. Well, I never!” a woman muttered as she passed him.

“Hey, did you see that little bitty kid riding a two-wheeler!?” a bigger girl shouted to her friend as they whizzed by him on their bikes.

Back in our day, a kid would have bragged, “I learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels.”

Thanks to the new glider bike movement, children now say, “I learned to ride a bike with pedals!!”

I pass pre-schoolers on glider bikes everyday, but seeing a four-year-old, and a small one at that, riding a real bike with pedals, is apparently still very impressive.  I’ve never heard so many comments.

I wish you could’ve seen him teach himself to ride it. He used the bicycle with no pedals for all of three days. By the fourth day, he was sailing by us, feet in the air, all without a wobble, so we bought him his own brand new bicycle. He would not let any of us help him. He stubbornly worked on it until it was mastered, all in a day. We were so proud.

I love having four totally different children. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that I can’t truly take credit for any of their struggles, successes, or failures. Not one boy is the same as another.


JD is still happy to ride his tricycle.

JD is still happy to ride his tricycle.

Last but not least, I have a surprise! Alan is going to take charge of the tribe this weekend while I head off to a women’s retreat! I can barely believe it myself! Have I mentioned how thankful I am for Alan?

Image 9-25-15 at 2.22 PM

Oh! This is an image I will remember for the rest of my life.

How much difference does there appear to be between Caleb and Dan? It looks like 5 years, but it’s only 3!! It almost looks like I have 2 sets of twins.

Image 9-25-15 at 9.13 PM (1)

teaching moments


Alan and our boys at Yosemite

Colossians 3:14-15


14 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!!


I Will Not Panic Today, Even if Dirt Boy Dumps Dirt on the Dining Room Floor

Image 9-25-15 at 9.14 PM

Finding joy climbing the mountains of life…..Even JD climbed these rocks, believe it or not. I would have died watching JD do that, but they left me at home, so I didn’t see it.

Tonight I’m hosting my home school moms’ group.

That means that I will be spending all day trying to clean up my house, take care of four children, and cook.

I need to make sure that I don’t fall into the prideful trap of cleaning up my house to try to make myself look good.

It’s not about me.

Let’s not put on a show and act like my house is always this neat, if I even manage to get it neat.

It’s about my guests. They need to feel at ease and cozy. The house should smell good. The surfaces should all be cleaned off, with plenty of places to sit. The bathroom should feel squeaky clean, as though no four-year-old boy has ever peed there before.

….But not so I can pretend like I’m the Queen of Clean.

Who are we kidding here?

Instead I need to focus on this:

I just want to create an inviting atmosphere for women who are getting a night off. Everyone needs a night off. Parents do not get nights off. Those are hard to find. I just want a room full of laughing women, encouraging each other through this life-changing thing that we call parenting.

I always leave moms’ nights feeling inspired and uplifted. That’s what I’m hoping for tonight.

I hope the food is yummy too.

So with that in mind, I will not panic if my hostess day does not go as planned.

-Not even if Daniel tears down the towel rack because he thought that he could swing from it like a monkey.

-Not even if John David proudly carries a Tonka dump truck full of dirt and dumps it onto my carpeted dining room floor.


He loves dirt. No, I mean he LOVES dirt, as in he thinks it’s so great that he gives it to people as gifts.

-Not even if I run out of toilet bowl cleaner. Shampoo works for that too, and it smells better.

-Not even if I have to change recipes because of a cooking mistake.

-Not even if I burn the bread.

-Not even if my vacuum cleaner quits.

-Not even if someone breaks their arm. (Please, boys, do not break your arms today.)

I will not panic. I will not. I will not go into my room and scream into my pillow because if my motives are in the RIGHT place, I will remember that these sort of problems are just hiccups and stories.

I’m reading this incredible book, by Lysa Terkeurst. In fact, if you click on this link to buy the book for yourself, I make a whopping 4 cents a copy. (Haaaaa! Not even kidding.)

She pointed this “not about me thing” out to me, in chapter 7 of her book. I came “Unglued” this week in the exact way she described in chapter 7 because of my wrong motives. I so badly wanted Alan’s parents to think that I was a good parent and a decent housekeeper that I way overdid it on my first born, over a pair of basketball shorts, of all things. I put so much pressure on myself, that I get all worked up over the dumbest things.

Also, I should pause here and THANK my in-laws for 1.) raising Alan, 2.) helping clean my house so I can blog on hostess day, and 3.) catching up on laundry. Let’s face it. When you have four kids, life is really just laundry anyway. Endless amounts of laundry…..Oh! And 4.) Being so wonderful. Thank you!

So back to this week’s meltdowns…..

The details aren’t necessary. Just know that sometimes I lose it, and maybe sometimes you lose it too. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re more of a stuffer, and you stuff your problems or shut people out.

I usually end up doing both exploding and stuffing, but either way, this book, Unglued, has been balm to my spirit this week. I know I often recommend books, but let me assure you that this is one you won’t regret. It’s infinitely better than the Susanna Wesley one I recommended. I’d offer to let you borrow mine, but it takes me forever to finish a book….

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Mostly I’m a good person with good motives, but not always. Not when I want life to be a little more about me or about making sure I look good. That’s when my motives become corrupted. The Bible is pretty blunt in naming the real issue here: evil desires…….Selfishness, Pride, Impatience, Anger, and Bitterness.”   –p. 102-103, chapter 7


“That’s what makes raw emotions so complicated. They come from out of nowhere and run us slap over. Which is why it’s so important to prepare in advance for what will surely happen…”  —p. 60, chapter 5

I feel like I’m learning to check my motives and get a plan in place.

I need to get back to work. Daniel just dug a giant hole, while looking for worms, in my front yard flower bed. The boys also need to be rounded back up and put back to work. That is one great thing about having all these boys. I have four built-in workers! Sure, they sometimes clean the mirrors with carpet cleaner or mop before they sweep, but they are my team, and I am proud of them.

1Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, For His lovingkindness is everlasting. 2Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the adversary…    Psalm 107:1-2

I hope you all have a great weekend, full of fun, with no melt down moments whatsoever. :) I hope to! Every day is new, with no mistakes in it.


Two Important Life Lessons I Learned From Getting Lost

when the mind begins to wonder

Notice where things are growing.

Last weekend, Alan and I drove to church separately. We do that often since I rarely wake up early enough to leave on time, which bothers Alan. He so badly wants to be on time.

Oddly enough, I needed to be extra early to work the nursery that morning, so it was just J.D. and me in the van, and we were even earlier than Alan.  I was doing well, zipping down the highway. I didn’t have the radio on, and J.D. was extra quiet. Naturally, I began to get lost in thought.

I live lost in thought. It is such a large problem that my children have taken to coaching me as I drive.

“Don’t miss your turn, Mom!”

“Mom, were you supposed to turn there???”

“No, thank you, I know exactly where I’m going. It’s okay.”

They aren’t being sassy or anything. This is actually what is required to keep my mind from drifting. It is a sad piece of business, but it is my reality. I think it’s a writer thing. Surely all writers are dreamers. How could you ever come up with ideas if you aren’t constantly meditating, dreaming, reading, studying, or wondering??

The big boys were not there to keep me grounded that day, so my mind began to……

when your mind begins to wonder

Just think of Daniel as my mind, headed off on a trail.

I looked out my windows at the brown, brown, everywhere nothing but brown. The California drought situation BOTHERS me. The parched ground, the water restrictions, the bone dry ponds, and the wildfires are like obnoxious little yappy dogs to me. Drought feels like a sign of God’s disapproval and not his blessing.

I don’t know why this state isn’t praying harder for rain, but we need to stand in the gap for them. You know they grow all of our food. These are wonderful farmers, teachers, doctors, and tradespeople. I’ve met many wonderful people since moving here. The Californians I know love God and are good people. These sweet friends have been a blessing to our family and an encouragement in a time when I needed it badly!  I hope you will join me in praying for rain!

As I looked around me in dismay at the dry, brittle ground, I suddenly noticed that there are still small green valleys.

“Oh, the valleys are so green!” I thought, “How have I always missed this? The mountains are ugly and brown, but people love to climb them. We love to be on the ‘mountain-tops of life,’ and yet it is in the valleys where the growing takes place.  Hmmmm There is growth in the valleys, and the higher the mountain, the colder one becomes…..”

As I became even deeper engrossed in my thoughts, I whizzed several exits past the exit that I was supposed to take in order to be on time for nursery duty….

“The highest mountains are so freezing that they are covered in snow, and you can die up there. How like people. Too much success and too little humbling, and we become proud,cold, and hard and can’t grow at all, like a mountain top! This is like the rich people who have been wealthy for so long that they have no empathy for the poor, the healthy that do not sympathize with the sick, the supposedly morally upright who despise their weaker brothers.

But in the valleys of life, that’s where we grow! That’s where we remember what pain feels like. Love grows that way.”

Now let me stop and clarify here that I was only thinking all of this in my head and not saying any of it out loud, so officially you can’t classify me as crazy.

“But wait a minute. It’s not a perfect analogy because some valleys don’t feel green at all. They feel like hard, spiky ground. Hmmmm…”

And I am sorry to tell you that I didn’t resolve the hard, spiky feeling of the valley to the lush, beautiful valleys that I saw around me until later because right about then, I noticed that I was in an area that I do not recall ever seeing before.

“Oh, MAN!!! I missed my exit!!” Now this is where my thoughts became very much out loud. I process problems out loud, and I do wish I would learn to be quieter about it.

I took the very next exit, only to discover that it was just another major highway, with nowhere to turn around. I ended up in some town I’d never heard of before. I took a U-turn. I made my way back to the main road.

To make a long story a little shorter, I’ll just tell you that I proceeded to take yet another wrong exit because several exits have the same name. Seriously. It was a rough morning.

I pulled into the church parking lot only a few minutes later than I had intended to be, scolding myself with, “I have got to pay attention,” over and over again, but my take away lesson was two-fold.

  1. We grow more in the valleys, of that I am certain.
  2. Most importantly, one must FOCUS on the task at hand. Do not look to the right or to the left. Just pay attention, or you will end up in Castroville. Focus. Focus. Focus. Forget multi-tasking. Just pay attention.

These are the sort of lessons that dreamers must sometimes learn more than once.

And now, let’s talk about the hard, spiky, or sometimes even drowning feeling of the valleys.

There are valleys in life that do not feel like you are growing at all, but the fact is that growth can be painful. Sometimes, when it rains, it looks like the rain has destroyed the flowers, but without the rain, the flowers will die.

Pain isn’t always necessary for growth, but no one can avoid pain in life.

It’s how we respond to it that determines if we look more like a green valley or a rocky valley. Do I take the bad things that happen to me, internalize them as lies, and allow myself to become bitter?

We all walk through valleys, but sometimes we find ourselves in pits or sinkholes. That is not the same. When we are in a pit, we need to call out for help.

Never believe that things won’t get better. You never know what’s on the other side of that mountain. The top of the mountain might not be the best place to grow, but the view is something worth seeing, and you’ll build some crazy-strong muscles trying to climb it.


Let’s go climbing!

 If God says it, you can believe it. Let’s go climbing!

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Psalm 23:4  (KJV)
16Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.17Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. 18Then he prayed again, and the sky poured rain and the earth produced its fruit.
James 5:16-18


28Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth does not become weary or tired. His understanding is inscrutable. 29He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power.…

Isaiah 40:28-29



A Day at Sea with the Dolphins and the Whales

a day at sea

JD didn’t get to go on the whale tour with us because you have to be at least 5 to do that, but he sure enjoyed his salad and bread at Abalonetti Restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey.

We’re having Field Trip Week at Pacific Christian School. See, Alan is out on Fall break, so the timing is perfect for maximum family fun.

First, let me tell you about Abalonetti! This place has an exciting local’s menu, food that every single one of my children like (as in yes, they have pizza), and delicious sea food.

I’m the kind of person that picks a favorite restaurant and then stops going to all other places. I have now picked my place. Every time I get to eat out in Monterey, this is where I will be.

But you didn’t come here to read about where to find the best calamari, so let me show you what else we’ve found.

a day at sea

ginormous sea lions napping on the wharf

We had the sweetest family evening. After eating at Abalonetti, we walked around the wharf gawking at seals and sea lions. John David was so delighted with it all, I didn’t think we’d get him home without a struggle. However, we managed to just stand around and soak it in long enough to satisfy even J.D.

A Day at Sea


It is a pet peeve of mine for people to call seals “sea lions,” and vice versa, so let’s review:

The plain brown ones with long flippers and ear flaps are sea lions.

The multi-colored (mostly gray) ones with short flippers and no ear flaps are harbor seals.

Now that we have that settled, I have so much more to show you!

a day at sea

soaking in the atmosphere

a day at sea

Seal buddies

JD was so cute about it. One seal popped up, and he pointed and said, “Mama”, then he pointed at the next one and said, “Daddy”, and then the next one, “Baby.”



Now onto our day at sea! This was a different day, and we left the two small boys with Nonna.


a day at sea

humpback whale tail

Monterey Bay is eaten up with humpback whales right now. I’ve never seen so many in one place. Everywhere we would turn around, we’d seen another couple of whales either nearby or in the distance. We probably saw 20 different humpbacks.


We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

We boarded in Monterey, but then we had to ride the boat 45 minutes (ish) to the water off Moss Landing, where all the whales are.

a day at sea

Just glorious, rippling water


This was the highlight of my day.

There was a mega-pod of long-beaked common dolphins out in force, and watching them made my day. I have never seen so many dolphins at one time, literally over 100.

 A Day at Sea

Long Beaked Common Dolphins


a day at sea

It seemed like all of the whales that we saw were in groups of 2 or 3.

a day at sea

This photo does no justice to the enormous size of this whale. In person, it was five times the size it appears in this photo.

IMG_2803 IMG_2813 IMG_0121 IMG_0123 IMG_0152 IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0169 IMG_0174

Good-bye dear Pacific!! In the spring, Daniel will turn five, and we will be back out there for another ride.



by Daniel





Go see this movie!

I don’t know if Alan’s parents were trying to tell us something when they sent us to see this movie…Ha!…….But I DO know that it was INSPIRATIONAL and so REAL.

Go see it THIS WEEKEND. It’s playing at theaters everywhere right now. You won’t regret it! You’ll leave the theatre saying, “Yeah! Bring it on! Let’s do this!”




Dirt, Fish, Penguins, Bare feet, Chores, and Bikes


Dirt boy and his cars

Photoblog of Our Most Recent Adventures

Both Barefoot and Otherwise



They look sweet, but actually JD was being Mr. Get- off- this- Fish- It’s- Mine. I had to stand over it to make sure he didn’t whack anyone.


Monterey Bay Aquarium. All of the boys, with the exception of Joshua, LOVE this place.

Why would anyone not like it? Well….do you remember when Joshua was ages 1-5, and he was obsessed with ALL animals? Remember how he could tell you every species of whale and what it ate at age 3?

It’s exciting for him to see these animals that he’s read about all of his life, but once he has seen them, he’s done. No need to stare at something for 2 whole minutes. Let’s keep this show moving. That’s just Joshua’s personality.

He has to be constantly doing. It’s a wonderful trait. He gets that from Alan. Alan is so bummed when we approach a weekend with no plans made.

I am euphoric when we approach a weekend with no plans made.

In fact, in recent weeks, I have enjoyed a little front porch sittin’ every day.


HUGE sea turtle


Daniel’s favorite exhibit is the penguins.


Dan’s happy place

As soon as we arrived, Daniel exclaimed, “Penguins! Penguins! I want to see the penguins!”

It reminded me of when we took Joshua to an aquarium, when he was five. My cousin Amber met us there. We walked in, and Joshua was all, “Whale shark. Whale shark. Where’s the whale shark? I want to see the whale shark. Is it over there? Is it in here? Let’s go. Let’s go see the whale shark.”


Georgia Aquarium, 2011, with our cousins

Amber pulled out her map and said to me, “Well, we’d better go see this whale shark first. Let me find it on this map.”

Wise words. We would’ve been listening to that all day.

So fast-forward four years. We made a bee-line for the penguins. Everyone else’s wish list could wait. No one can obsess and broken-record insist like a pre-schooler!


JD and Lightning McQueen take in the soccer practice.

Did you know that JD takes his shoes off everywhere we go and walks around barefoot? I don’t let him do this in indoor public places (mostly), but walking in grass is good for you. No, you can’t convince me otherwise. It’s good for the soul, so he pulls off those shoes every time.


Ok barefoot on gym floors in just plain freeing.


California has the coolest playgrounds.


We ended up taking the pedals off of this bicycle to make it into a ‘glider’ bike for Daniel. He LOVES it. He glides so well that we now need to buy him a regular bicycle. He’s a pro now.


I’d love to pretend like this is my garden, but this is my neighbor’s. We are just learning from her!

My neighbor was out of town, so she let Joshua water them. This is the kind of chore that children LOVE. After all, there’s water involved!

We do actually have a “school garden” this year to go along with science. We are growing watermelons and potatoes, but I put them so far from my line of vision that I only water them about twice a week, not nearly enough. They looked so sad by the time Dan and Caleb watered them today.


They don’t love vacuuming, except for Daniel. There’s something about watching kids do chores that makes me giddy.

I’m convinced that hard work develops good character.


Caleb’s map. We are learning about the ancient world this year. Do you see the person that Caleb creatively colored into the map? Sure, you see the face, but do you see the hand waving too?


drawn by JOSHUA, not Caleb as I said before!!!

I can’t tell you how bad I felt about this mistake!

As I showed the boys the blog, I congratulated Caleb on this super-cool robot drawing. Caleb looked confused. “I don’t remember drawing that.”


“Hey!” Joshua chimed in, “I drew that!”

“Oh no! I’m so sorry, Joshua!!  I’ll post a correction on my blog. I feel so bad about that!”

Now that I know, it makes way more sense. This is more characteristic of Joshua’s art: asymmetrical and TONS of tiny details.


Caleb is a monkey-bar expert.


JD and I, enjoying our favorite beverages together.


I had no intention of sharing it with him, though.

Alan found this, EMPTY, on the kitchen counter and asked me, “Did you drink ALL of this?”

See, I never ever finish any drink. I don’t do this on purpose. It just happens, or rather, it doesn’t happen.

“Yeah. I guess I must have.”

“Are you sure Daniel didn’t drink any? Because it is 10pm, and he’s going wild up there.”

“Hmm. No, I think I drank it all.”



The next morning, Daniel confessed: “Me found your coke in the kitchen last night, and me drink it all. heheheheheheh”

“What! Well, that does explain a lot.”



We took the boys to the county fair. Dan was the perfect age. Caleb was able to ride almost everything. Joshua and JD were out of luck. They were either too big or too small for almost everything.


The big boys were so jealous. They wanted to ride it too.


the ferris wheel


view from the ferris wheel: city, ocean, mountains


golf course view from the ferris wheel


Daniel, reading his favorite Usborne books, while Joshua plays 3DS.

IMG_0143 IMG_0149 IMG_0249


I hope you all have a fun week! I hope it cools off for all of us soon! When did I become such a cold weather fan??

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