Now, now, no moping!

Hello dah-lings!

Now, I can just hear the groans of all my faithful xanga readers, but I promise that I have MANY good reasons for changing my web address and platform.  ; )  Most importantly, this one is more blogger-friendly and allows me to paste videos right into my blog.  Isn’t that an exciting change!?  : )

I cracked up quite a few times tonight!  I think the funniest moment was when we sent Joshua upstairs, alone, to get ready for bed:

Alan:  I hear a strange noise…..I think it’s a toothbrush.

Both of us:  Oh, that’s good. (moment of feeling like successful parents)

Me:  Wait.  Is Daniel up there with him?  Daniel loves toothbrushes….. (and, um, Daniel doesn’t have an electric toothbrush, only the big boys have those. hmmm)

Alan:  Yeah, he is, and……they’re in the guest room (soon to be nursery)

A few minutes later Alan came downstairs to report that it was in fact Daniel with the toothbrush (even non-germ-phobes like myself find that yicky!), and also Daniel was about to eat chalk, but Alan got there just in time!

Just another ordinary night of raising little children…….

Oh!  The boys are fasting from Wii today!  Not by choice of course, there has simply been an outbreak of bad behavior around the house, and this is one way we are handling it.  They are supposed to be showing us how good and obedient they can be in order to earn their Wii back, and Joshua has been very serious about that.  Caleb……not so much….

I had a surprising wake-up call today!  It felt like it was “Joshua and Caleb” for forever, right?  Well, Caleb doesn’t even remember life without Daniel.  He doesn’t even remember those three months when we lived at DaddyO and Nonna’s house when I had Daniel.  It makes sense, he was only three, but wow! We got TWO exciting packages this week, something for everyone.  Grandaddy and Nana sent the boys Mario Party 9 ( a seriously big deal here) and Daniel this Little People airplane.  Daniel loves Little People.  THANK YOU, Grandaddy and Nana!

Yes, this is the playroom, a room ruled and kept by our children.  It is unapologetically messy, and I’m just thankful we have a basement where they can do this!
Yeah, he knows he’s cute.
And exciting package number two!!!  Nonna and DaddyO sent us all this monkey stuff for the nursery, from our registry.  Fun!  Thank you!!
This is how I found Daniel around 12pm today.  I guess errand day was a bit much for him!  Is there anything more exciting than finding a 1 1/2 year old–sleeping!?  : )
Friday Night:  watching “How it’s Made”  with Daddy.  The boys all actually like this show!  And I watch it with them.  Amazingly enough, it is not boring!

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