You gotta love Saturday.  Ours was as crazy as usual, but it was a good one.  I actually never got dressed or put on make-up today, and that’s really rare for me.
  I actually spent the first 2-3 hours of the day playing with Joshua, who has complained that I never play with him, so today I did.  We spent a lo-o-ong time playing Legos.  It was a valuable experience.  I noted several differences between Joshua and me.  First, for Lego time I asked Joshua, “Do you want to rebuild one of your sets, using the directions, or do you just want to build free style?”  Joshua quickly said, “Freestyle.”  “Oh,” I said, “Well, I can’t really think of anything other than a house to build, so I’m going to try to build a set, if I can find all of the pieces.  I’m not as creative as you are.”  Meanwhile, Joshua took four or five already built creations, souped them up, and put Lego men all over them doing all sorts of interesting things.  He likes to use the special pieces, which gives his creations all sorts of range of movement.  He doesn’t make houses.  He makes ships with cannons and submarines with giant long arms that can grab things.
   After a few minutes of hopelessly looking for the specific pieces from my Space Rover direction book, I was overwhelmed by the way the Lego blocks are all just thrown in together.  How could anyone ever find anything?  There are six ice-cream buckets full of Legos!  Joshua held up a similar part to the one  that I needed and suggested I just use it because, “You don’t have to follow those directions just exactly.  You can make it different.”  Then he told me I needed to be more “creative.”  Ya’ll, I kid you not, I spent an hour of my morning sorting out all the Legos.  We now have three or four boxes of special pieces, one box of Lego man pieces, one box of bricks, and one mixed box.  This may only last a few days, but it made me feel better…..I think when I was a kid I did not spend hours playing Legos for the same reason as now:  I can’t really think of a thing I want to build!

  After Legos, and let me tell you, you do not want to play Legos with Daniel.  We’re not worried too much about the choking hazard.  We haven’t had a problem with him putting them in his mouth.  Our problem is that Daniel likes to take the Legos and scatter them.  It took us forever to get them all picked up!  Joshua is amazingly patient with him!
  Anyway, next Joshua wanted to draw, but he wanted me to draw too.  I asked if it was okay if I colored since I have my own coloring book, and I’m not so big on the drawing. ( I only draw if someone is lecturing me, and I’m holding a pen and paper.  Then I can deck out some notebook paper!)
  I set Daniel up with play-doh while we drew/colored.  That was also a disaster.  It did keep him busier for longer than I’ve ever seen anything else do, but it certainly was a mess to clean up!
  The art time was a good bonding time for us.  Since Daniel was finally occupied, we were able to talk a little!
  After art time, I did dress the boys, even though I didn’t get dressed myself.  Joshua planned his wardrobe around what Daniel was wearing, because he really likes dressing like Daniel.  How cute is that?  I have got to do some shopping and see if I can find them some matching outfits.  It may be easier now that Dan is in toddler sizes rather than infant sizes!
  Joshua and Caleb truly love their little brother, and they are so excited about welcoming another baby into our family, and I just think we are so blessed that they feel this way!

  Alan and Caleb came home at lunch time, Caleb with a certificate saying he is promoted to “Pee Wee Paddler II”, and alan with two cans of paint and paint supplies.  We even got the stamp of approval on our paint colors from the landlords.  Would you believe that this is our fourth baby, and yet it is the first time we have deemed it worthwhile to paint the nursery!?   In times past, we were often anticipating a move.  Then, in Anniston, the room was already painted a brown that worked nicely for a nursery.  This is really exciting getting to paint!

Speaking of Anniston, you will not believe what we found today.  In our preparation for the baby, we have moved a LOT of furniture around.  Today I had Alan here to help me with the lifting, so we tackled……..THE STORAGE ROOM……..scary stuff.  Alan opened a box labeled “Christmas glass, June 2008, leave packed.”  So Alan couldn’t resist.  He cracked it open, and the entire box was still wrapped in mover’s packing paper.  He was so excited.  The whole box was full of things we have not seen, since our 2008 move!!  That’s FIVE years ago, and the last time we have used/seen any of this stuff was three houses ago….in Anniston.

Look at a little bit of what we found:

 The pics in this frame date 2002-2005.  Look at how young Laura Ellen was!  The pic on the bottom left shows me 6 months pregnant with Joshua.

a beautiful portrait of Alan’s Granny.  This used to hang in our guest room in Anniston.

the photo from our rehearsal dinner, signed by our friends

Joshua at 6 weeks!
this little cannon, a decoration from our wedding groom’s table

No, we did not find this in the box, but I would like to say thank you to the sweet family member who called me up and recommended this cereal, in light of my aforementioned pregnancy issues….  ; )

  Other things that happened today:

While cooking dinner, I was desperate for a way to entertain the Dan Man.  This worked for all of two minutes….

our little artist

Caleb, playing Legos.  This room is also messy lately, unlike the basement it is ashamedly so….
  Alan made a fire in the basement fireplace for the first time today, we finally put together the globe puzzle Nonna gave us a couple years ago (not a kid activity.  That was mine and Alan’s proudest accomplishment of the day.  It’s a puzzle that’s a sphere, it’s literally a puzzle ball.),  and I officially decided that running is just not fun anymore.  I don’t know what happened, I guess it’s the big belly thing, but it now gives me shin splints and sore ankles to try to run.  I guess walking and workout DVDs will just have to make up my workout regimen for the rest of the pregnancy.
  It looks like Amy and Greg will be having their baby this week!  I’ve got two presents ready to mail, and I can’t wait to find out which one to send!!  Is there anything more exciting than a new baby?  I think not.