Most importantly, I must tell you all that I have news about Amy and Greg and their baby, but Alan has informed me that there is reportedly a gag order on any publishing of the event, so email me and I’ll give you the scoop!!!!
We are so excited for them!  I have this package ready to mail to them, but Daniel’s nap schedule and my morning schedule keep conspiring against me.  When you have a toddler, they only take one nap per day, and it is a very important time for both the mother (sanity wise) and the baby (cranky-wise).   So from 11:30-2:30, I have to be home every single day.  Then in the afternoon all productivity ceases as the children get home from school, and we do all the things associated with that.

Sunday Joshua got his very first medal, for placing in the Pine Wood Derby race.  Plus, he got an award for selling lots of popcorn.  Of course, Alan sold lots of it.  I am proud of Joshua for having asked neighbors to buy popcorn and standing in front of the grocery store selling popcorn, and being a loved grandchild/ nephew that relatives bought popcorn from him.  ; )  Thank you to all who bought popcorn!  Our cub scout pack is so broke, so you really made a difference!  He also earned his Tiger badge for Scouting.  Joshua loves scouting, and I’m so glad he’s found an extracurricular that he enjoys and can be good at.

Oh, I have a really crazy squirrel story to tell you.  There’s even a picture, but you’ll have to ask Alan for that b/c it’s on his iPad, which I don’t have here with me.  Anyway!  While we thought that we had provided a safe path of escape for our chimney squirrel and had concluded that he was gone, this weekend we began to smell a smell in the basement that made us think otherwise….Ugh!  That’s the worst smell b/c not only does it stink, but the thought of what’s causing it is so repulsive!    Alan, while I was not at home (thank goodness!) decided to simply reach up into the chimney and remove the source of the smell (dead squirrel).  So……..Alan put on a good pair of thick gloves, opened the flu, and reached up in there to retrieve our friend, but as he reached up his hand seemed to feel more than just a dead squirrel……instead Alan discovered one, two, three older dead squirrels, squirrels that the hair had already rotted off of.  Yes, you can take a break to go barf if you’d like……Alan put the squirrels in the garbage bag and felt back in there until he found our recently deceased squirrel, pulled him out and disposed of him as well.  It was so sad and so disturbing at the same time.
We think we have the chimney fixed so that this will not happen again.  However, the basement STILL stinks.  Can anyone explain that?  I don’t understand!  The basement was odorless until a few days ago, but being pregnant I am particularly sensitive to pungent smells and find myself getting behind on laundry due to my reluctance to go down there.

Now I am off to do some cooking!  We have a yummy dinner planned for this evening, and yet my picky little eaters still think sweet potatoes are yucky…..*eye rolling* tisk tisk.  They say the best way to get a picky eater to eat something is to present it over and over and over again, making it become a familiar food, and that’s the thing about casseroles.  They only get presented a couple times a year, making them look more like Alien food (around here anyway)!  But we just keep trying, in the words of Dori from Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”