Being in Charge and Baby News

Joshua, proudly displaying his Tiger badge.  
Funny thing about Joshua:  he places a high value on “being in charge.”  I suppose this is simply what comes of being the first in a line up of children.  The funny thing is that he also gets excited when Daddy is in charge.  He proudly proclaims, “My daddy is in charge.  He’s the leader!”  His leadership style isn’t bad, though, I will say.  I hear kids sometimes get pouty if a group doesn’t do what they are trying to lead it into doing, and at least I have never heard Joshua do that!  He certainly does like to make a lot of decisions, but I haven’t ever seen him act all spoiled-bratty when the group doesn’t go his way.
  I don’t think he gets many leadership skills from me.  I loathe being in charge!

The boys are brushing up on their baseball skills.  They have actually learned a lot about baseball simply from playing Mario Super Sluggers on the Wii.   It encouraged their interest in the sport, which was always Alan’s favorite sport, so he’s pretty happy about this.

By the way, my new camera is my worst yet.

This is Alan showing little Dan how to bat.  It was so cute to watch this!

Joshua was reading a Splat the Cat book to Daniel.  Actually, Daniel wasn’t listening at all, but when I got the camera out, he crawled back up there and pretended to listen while making his “cheese” face.  I have never had a kid that is such a ham for the camera like this one!
  Funny Quote of the Day:
Caleb:  “Nope, I can’t get us drinks.  I can only jump on counters.”
(I’m a busy mom, so sometimes I make them get their own snacks for themselves, which usually involves a kid jumping up on the counter to reach a bowl.  Caleb drew the line at pouring their drinks though.)
Accomplishment of the day:
Alan painted the top half of the nursery!!!  (It has a chair rail.)  It’s a beautiful mint green.  : )  
News:  If you call and get our answering machine, it sounds like …..nothing, or breathing, b/c Daniel changed the answering machine message to a recording of himself, well, breathing.
Baby News: 
  I’m sure this will come as a great shock to all of you who know anything about my baby-delivering past, but the baby is already measuring a week ahead.  Oy!  I do really like my ob/gyn as well as my mid-wife.  My doc said that everything looks perfect, except I have gained a touch too much weight (another big surprise *sarcasm*), but she said that since I always do that and since I always have big babies and yet I’m very healthy, she’s not worried about it.  She also agreed that a c-section would be best, given my past difficulties…  This may be my easiest delivery yet.  This could be the first time that I am not already sleep deprived from laboring so long.  I’m super pumped about not having to do labor this time!
Baby Names:
  Today I mentioned to Alan that I wish this baby had a name.  Alan’s response was, “What’s the rush?  With Daniel we didn’t fully decide until we were like a month out.”  *sigh*  Men and women do think differently.  


  • I'm with you on the leadership thing. I guess it is because people in a group often times don't do what you ask/tell/cajole/beg them to do. It's a wonder the world works at all. Having said that, some people are leaders and we do need them. Joshua is honing his skills, so good for him.

    I always enjoy hearing Caleb's quotes and seeing Daniel smile.

    Tell Alan you'd appreciate a new camera for your birthday. 😉


  • Anonymous

    The answering machine thing cracked me up! Love the pics anyway. I am glad you and the baby are healthy.