Aughhhhhhh!!!! Daniel!!!!!!!! Confessions of a Toddler Mom

  Many of you remember the great escapades that were accomplished by Caleb as a 2 and 3 year old…..throwing raw eggs, tiger striping the office, naked trampoline jumping, naked running through the front yard, falling into various types of rodent traps…….hmm on second thought, maybe Daniel isn’t so bad…..

Over the years Caleb has mellowed greatly.  He still likes to study how things work, live in pajamas, be naked, and use markers, but he has a greater understanding now of when certain things are appropriate and when they are not.

Plus, Alan instituted a rule that every time you say the words poo-poo or fart, you have to go wash your hands.  Since our boys think hand washing is an act of horror, we have seen a fantastic improvement in Caleb’s vocabulary.  Way to go, Alan!!!!

……As Caleb has finally mellowed into a darling five-year-old who makes friends everywhere he goes, enter DANIEL.

Man, did Dan give me a run for my money today!  Here is a list of his accomplishments, from just today:

  1. Used child-proof medicine bottles as rattles.  (It was a storage shifting situation.  Please don’t freak out, call CPS, or send me emails…..)  I replaced them with actual rattles.
  1. found a bag of his favorite Halls cough drops, unwrapped a couple and ate them, emptied the rest of the bag into the floor while he worked on unwrapping more…..until I discovered him.  I took him downstairs and gave him some actual food.  He devouredhis yogurt.

  1. emptied an ice cream bucket of Legos into the floor.  Nothing unusual.  He does that every day.  It’s the only way I know how to keep him busy so I can cook dinner!

  1. finger painted with chocolate pudding:  painted his booster seat, his body, his clothes, and his place at the table.  Not much of the pudding was actually consumed.

Would you believe this is an actual recommended activity in this “Busy Toddlers” book that I paid money for!?  I don’t care how ‘enriching’ this experience was.  It was a MESS, and the amount of time it took to clean up was greater than the amount of time it kept him busy.  He did seriously enjoy it, but I hope the chocolate comes out of his clothes!

  1. ripped all the pop-outs out of his newest pop-up book.  Our kids have never been ones to tear books, but apparently that rule doesn’t apply to pop-ups.  Lesson here:  Don’t buy him a pop-up book for his birthday.

  1.  dumped a bowl of dry Apple Jacks between the recliner and the side table

All in one day.  All in one day!

I did notice two accomplishments as well, though.

I was getting ready to leave and discovered that he had put on his own hat and one glove, all by himself, which he seemed to be rather proud of.  Yay, Dan!Also, and this is kind of unbelievable to me, he can already put together little bitty Lego men.  He can put together Duplo and Mega blocks as well.

Oh!  Alan took his pacifiers away three or four days ago, and it wasn’t even an issue.  He gave them up without a fight. He’s officially ready to turn two!

And hopefully, tomorrow will be less eventful!!



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