Changes, Changes, Changes

I told Joshua to pick out a bird to be for this video.  He took the role VERY seriously, as you can see.   He was extremely convincing as an owl…perhaps a little intense….  I did feel kind of bad for laughing.  It’s so HARD not to laugh when raising little children!  Don’t worry about him slapping his face in the end.  I think he was trying to be funny.
Life is just a constant state of change, isn’t it?  Nothing ever stays the same, and really I don’t suppose it should.  
The fact that we have been rearranging the bedrooms to make way for the nursery has been absolutely fantastic for us.  I’ve mentioned before that we’ve found stuff we haven’t seen in five years.  Well, yesterday Alan was cleaning out a medium sized storage tote and discovered my medical records, Joshua’s medical records, my passport, and my Bible reference notebook.  
  Now those first three things I had not even noticed I was missing, but my Bible Reference notebook is a monstrous-sized three-ringed binder in which I keep Bible verses, categorized by topics.  That may sound crazy, but that way when I want to find a specific verse I can flip straight to it in my notebook.  Yes, I am aware that you can buy that type of thing from any Christian book store, but that is not the same.  This has the specific verses that I have read that I thought important enough to keep a record of.  I thought this notebook was another long lost item b/c I hadn’t seen it since we moved in this house, so I was SERIOUSLY excited when Alan found this, and now I can use it and add to it again!  Hurray!
Our new guest accommodations:
Choose from a variety of options!  If you are warm/hot natured, you might enjoy the basement guest room.  It offers privacy, a full sized bed, and a mirror.
  (Yeah, we cleaned out the office and put the bed down there.)
  If you are cold natured, that will not do for you, as the basement is not well insulated…  : /
  If you are here to help with the newborn, this is not where we will put you either.  All newborn helpers will be needed to sleep upstairs.  : )
  Joshua and Caleb’s room offers three twin sized beds (granted one does require a ladder).  We call this the “sleeping porch” for guests.  : )  The good news is the regular occupants of these beds happen to think that sleeping on twin air beds is quite exciting, so they will give you their beds in order to enjoy a few nights on an air bed.  (All of our twin sized air beds offer double height.  We have four of them–actually three now.  One sprung a leak…now if we could just remember which one that was…..)
The upstairs accommodations also offer close proximity to bathrooms with showers.  : )
  Of course, if you are like my dad, there is always option #3:  recliner in the living room with close by bathroom that you don’t have to share with anyone (during the night).  
  We call it Hotel Chaos.  We can’t offer you peace and quiet.  BUT we do always have clean towels, coffee, and a variety of breakfast options.  ; )
The Dan Man:
  Daniel has started asking me to use the potty.  Of course, you know he doesn’t say much, so his way of asking (he has signs that he’s made up for so many things!) is to point to his crotch and then point to the bathroom.  And he does not mean diaper change, as he has a different sign for that.  The problem here is that I am completely unprepared.  I do not own a potty chair, and he’s too short to reach the toilet!  This is another issue of the week for us to tackle….  So far he has yet to actually use the potty.  He just stands there and also sits on it, but I think the time is near.  
  By the way, Daniel added another chore to his list of accomplishments, and he already literally helps with the dishes and the laundry and clearing the table!  He now holds the dust pan, carries it to the trashcan, and dumps it…..WITHOUT spilling the dustpan trash!  I’m just so amazed by his constant desire to follow me around and help me with chores!  I’ve heard of people having daughters that do this, and considering my boys- only situation, I’m pretty excited about this!  It totally makes up for the other things he did today:  broke the coffee pot, dumped out the same bucket of Legos twice, and threw his olives rather than eating them…
Alan’s accomplishment of the day:  shampooed the living room floor!  We’re pretty excited about this, as we are hosting our supper club on Saturday!  Now if I can just get the tiger stripes off the nursery rocker…
Strangest thing I heard myself say today:
“No, Dan, get your head out of the trashcan!”

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