We love weekends.

   We LOVE weekends!  Is there ever a point in life that you reach when you don’t live for the weekend?  Retirement, maybe?
   Right now Alan just finished singing to Daniel and is putting him to bed.  Now all the boys are in bed.  We do have control over when we put them to bed.  If only we had control over how long it takes them to fall asleep!  The other night Joshua was still awake at 9:30, so I finally just gave him a book to read in bed, and that worked!  Who knew!
  Saturday was a big day for us b/c we had our Supper Club coming over for dinner at 4:30.   Everything was going smooth as cream, all day long.  I had all the food prepared, the house as clean as I know how to make it, and pretty tablecloths on the tables.  Thankfully, it’s a casual group, all families.  When we’re all together there are just as many children as there are adults!  …….So everything was great until 4pm.  At 4 pm, we heard the boys’ neighborhood friends playing outside.  This would normally send Joshua outside faster than you can say”hey,” but instead Joshua said that he had a headache and wanted to stay in the living room……..what!?  Of course, we immediately took his temperature, and found that he did in fact have a fever.  Yikes.  What to do, what to do.
   After much discussion, we decided the only thing we could do was to give him back the electronic devices we had taken away for a lying incident earlier in the week…..and put him in his bed for the evening.  Sounds pitiful, doesn’t it?  He spent the evening in his bed, watching a movie on the laptop, playing PSP (Alan’s playstation personal from 2009—that Joshua was SO excited to find out that Alan had), etc.  It turned out to be a tummy bug, which is still with him, unfortunately.
   Thankfully, our children haven’t puked from a sickness since the Great Plague of 2008, so there hasn’t been any of that.  Knock on wood!

  Sickness aside, the evening was successful.  I think everyone had a good time, and the food was delicious (everyone contributes).

*****Stories from the Kids********
-Joshua’s prayers are so sweet and also humorous.  For example, tonight’s prayer:
“Dear God, I love you.  I love my family.  Thank you for letting me live with this family (I find that part sweet and humorous at the same time.).  And Xavier said I could come to his house tomorrow or this week, but he said Caleb couldn’t come.  I want Caleb to come.  Amen.”

-While Joshua was praying, Alan turned out the light.  Daniel had been playing Lego Men in the floor, and when he saw the light go out, he immediately threw down the Legos, jumped up and ran out of the room, to his room, saying “bye-by, bye-by!”  That’s a a well trained kid.  It didn’t stick though, b/c as we speak he’s standing at his door, crying…..

-About 30 mins. into the party we began to wonder where Caleb was, and we found him keeping his brother company upstairs.  I thought that was really sweet.

Okay, I can’t listen to Daniel cry anymore.  It’s pitiful.  I’d better go in there.

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