He did it!! He really did it!!


 This is such a big deal to us!!  Daniel peed on the potty for the very first time tonight!!  He was SO proud of himself too.  He peed, and we all clapped and cheered and gave him high fives, so for the next ten minutes he would occasionally stop and smile and clap for himself and nod his head.  Oh, it was so cute.
…..It almost makes up for the way he is up there crying right now instead of sleeping….he’s made a habit of this the last few nights, which we have not enjoyed too much!  I’m really not sure how we’re going to handle this yet.

*****Cooking for Children*******
  Today I made homemade blueberry streusel muffins, and they were quite delicious, if I do say so myself.  The problem?  I’m cooking for picky children, and when I say picky, I do not mean that they taste foods and don’t like them.  I mean that they make up their minds before they even taste anything as to whether or not they like it.  This drives me insane.
   Caleb was so excited about blueberry muffins that he ran home from the park to eat them.  (This never happens.  Caleb walks beside me, and Joshua runs ahead of us.)  By the time I caught up, Caleb was sitting at the table working in a workbook (more on that in a second).  I said, “Caleb, aren’t you going to eat a muffin?”  (I try so hard, people!)  Caleb replied, “Nope.  I tried them, and I didn’t wike it.  They are hard on top.”
    grrrr!  Yes, they are “hard” on top b/c of the streusel topping, which is basically just a delicious sugar/butter/cinnamon topping!  So annoying.  I guess next time I’ll just leave off the topping if I want to impress Caleb.  It’ll be healthier that way anyway.  Alan, Daniel, and I like them anyway.  Then there’s Joshua, who doesn’t eat any bread that he realizes is bread.  Thankfully, he doesn’t consider crackers, goldfish, or cereal to be bread.

   About the workbook:  The rule is that in order to play Wii or watch t.v. you have to do your homework first.  Of course, Caleb doesn’t actually have assigned homework, but neither of my children are exactly academic prodigies, so I make him do a writing practice page and a math practice page, as well as read an easy reader book to me, every afternoon.  That’s his homework.  Joshua has assigned math, spelling, and reading.
  Caleb is a seriously focused, speedy worker.  He rushes inside, grabs his work, and gets that stuff done so that he can go play.  He is a man on a mission.  WHAT A BLESSING!

Mr. In Charge
Get this.  Very often when we leave the park, Joshua is playing with a group of boys his age, sometimes including Caleb.  When I say, “time to go,” Joshua turns to his group and says, “Okay.  I gotta go.  Now who wants to be in charge after I leave?”  Then a couple of them will beg to be appointed, until Joshua makes his selection and we leave.  I am not kidding.
  I have been kind of staring at this in shock and not saying anything.  I keep wondering when the whole group is going to declare mutiny and throw Joshua overboard…  Have you ever heard of such claims to leadership?   I’m sure it won’t be long before someone puts him in his place, but until then I’m really not sure what I should do about my little Mr. Bossypants….

Daniel’s Fit Update:
Only two fits today:  one because I wouldn’t let him play in the bathroom sink and now the one he’s up there throwing for me to come upstairs and rock him to sleep.  I NEVER give in to fits…..except at bedtime…..so I’m off to rock the Dan Man.  I let him cry long enough to get tired enough that I can rock him to sleep pretty quickly, and it’s actually very pleasant.  Who doesn’t love the feeling of rocking a sleeping baby?  Well, you know, aside from when you’re actually trying to get something accomplished!


  • Congratulations to Daniel! He's got #1 down pat. You didn't mention #2, hopefully Daniel mastering that will come soon. I wish I could have been there for the family clapping, and high-fiving. (No penalty for excessive celebration either). Love to all, Daddy-O

  • Anonymous

    “Who wants to be in charge after I leave?” NICE. That is too funny! AMY