Journaling improves memory!!

Caleb, on his 2nd birthday, 2009

 I have kept a journal (or now, blog) since I was seven or eight.  Joshua actually told me yesterday that he wants to keep a diary, but not until he’s eight!  I got so excited inside, thinking, “Yay! He’s doing something like me!”  Anyway!  It’s amazing how much you forget.  AMAZING.  I just looked back at my blog from 2009 to see what Caleb was doing at the exact age that Dan is now, and this is what I found…..

Caleb just came up to me, as I’m on the computer, and said, “I wanna call Daddy.  Call Daddy.”  Wow!  Of course I had to explain to him that I don’t know how to call Daddy, so we just have to wait for him to call us.  Now the boys have run off to the back bedroom (Alan’s old room) and are playing there.  Caleb peed on the potty again yesterday.  He just came up to me and said, “poo poo, poo poo”.  (He’s referring to number one.  🙂 )  And then he lead me to the potty, and he went.  So proud of Caleb!  We haven’t been working on it, but I know if I’d concentrate on it more this kid could be trained already!  You may all remember it was nothing like this with Joshua, who didn’t train until age 3.  Caleb’s not even 2! 

  So first off, he was doing pretty much the same things as Daniel.  One big difference:  Caleb talked, but I did remember that he was my only talking baby.  He still seems to be the one with the most to say.  Ha!
Even more funny were the pictures!  I see very little similarity there.  Caleb’s big boy hair had already grown in, while Dan still has baby, fine hair.  Caleb was so large (three year old sized) that he wasn’t even on the growth charts.  Daniel runs around 50%, so their look is quite different:

So here they are at the exact same age:


Joshua and Caleb at Caleb 2nd birthday party

always hanging onto “Gwanddaddy”

That’s Caleb on the right, friend of theirs that was 2 years older than Caleb on the left.

He just looked so much older b/c of his size.  Even still, the only way you can tell the difference between Caleb and Joshua’s friends is that while Caleb is bigger than half of them….he cries more easily.  
We just love our babies, big or small, tall or regular.  Sometimes it’s fun to peek back!
  Speaking of peeking back, hearing Amy talk about her new baby made me check some of my records on my babies, and wow!  It’s amazing the things I’d forgotten.  Sleeping in three hour increments still, three weeks after giving birth…..  Breastfeeding horrors.  Youch!  I hope Amy fares better than that though.  I think Wes is already going longer than three hours at night.  I’m saying prayers for you, Amy!  Having a new baby is exhausting!


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    April, thanks again for keeping a diary/blog, and special thanks again for sharing it!

  • You're welcome! Thank you for reading!

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    April, I am kind of embarrassed to admit that this is the first time I have checked out EVERYTHING on this site! It is great! I encourage everyone who hasn't done this yet (if I am not the only one) to take time to check it all out. Your favorite blogs are good and all the categories at the top. I don't want to be in google + because they already know too much about me, but I love the rest of the site! Thanks for posting so often. It really helps us feel connected. Love you and your family of six. Love, Nonna

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    What is Daniel into for birthday ideas? Nonna

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    Thx, April!!! Amy

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