Just Call Me Aunt Bee. We all want to be appreciated.

Today I left Alan with all three boys, ages 2 to 6, while I went to the chiropractor’s office and to Target.  I heard the sweetest, sweetest words when I got home.

“It was….that kid…..no, not just him, that one too.  Oh my gosh.  April, please don’t leave me here alone with them again.”

“Where’s Caleb?”

“Huh?  Oh, I don’t know.  He’s fine.  At least he’s been entertaining himself!”


Now, of course, Alan was JOKING about me not leaving him here alone with them.  He is a very actively involved father who takes care of the children constantly, but clearly he did have some struggles this evening!

Isn’t it funny how sometimes I’d rather hear Alan say that than to walk in and find the house way cleaner, happier, and more accomplished than when I left it?  

It’s not that I actually want Alan to struggle, it’s just that I want him to share my pain.  Can’t explain it, but I bet most other moms out there can relate!  When you find something difficult, it’s just helpful to hear other people agree with you!!

There was an episode of The Andy Griffith Show a lot like this.  Aunt Bee left town, and the house became a wreck in her absence.

Right before she got back, they cleaned it up, but then wise old Andy realized that wasn’t a good idea.  Then he and Opie trashed the house again, so she’d know how much they missed her and wouldn’t feel “unneeded”.

But of course, one of Aunt Bee’s friends came by, saw the mess, and cleaned it up again, so when Aunt Bee got home, the house was perfect.  Aunt Bee was so sad that Andy and Opie obviously didn’t need her at all that she immediately packed her things and tried to leave.  Have you seen that one?

*****Now, Alan, don’t take this story to heart, really.  Please do not feel the need to make me feel more “needed.”  I can assure you I know that the four of you desperately want me here at all times and cannot live without me.  ; )  *********

But I do think that sometimes it goes a long way to tell someone, “Hey! Wow! Great job. Couldn’t do it without you. What you are doing is hard, but you do it so well! Wow!”


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