Our Band of Brothers

Alan and me in Ocean City, MD a few weeks ago for a Marriage Retreat.  We had such a great, relaxed time!  Plus we enjoyed seeing our old Maryland church buddies, especially Pastor and Terri.

Caleb LOVES the pool.

Joshua didn’t get to go to Xavier’s birthday party due to sickness, but Caleb went.  This was Caleb, at Chuck E Cheese, being on Chuck E. Cheese t.v.  Caleb loves to be on stage.  They have this camera set up just for kids like Caleb.  Alan said he spent a lot of time filming himself.

Okay.  This is random and completely unrelated to the rest of this post, but this globe belonged to General Eisenhower, and he even drew on it how he thought they would divide up Germany when the war was over. 

Caleb, making hand puppets for the t.v. cameras….

How cute is that?

Look at Daniel hanging with his brothers at the zoo!

They loved the small mammals.

Band of Brothers

Excited Daniel

      I am pleased to report that today was, as hoped, much better than yesterday.
         Daniel wore the same clothes all day long!  He did the potty that well!  I was so proud.  His aim is also improving!
        Not only did Daniel take a nap today, but I took one too!  And yet, here it is 9:30, and I am so sleepy.    I don’t remember the third trimester being so sleep-inducing!
       Joshua informed me today that it wouldn’t be right to do a family party for Daniel.  He said Dan SHOULD have one of his baby friends over too.  Then he recommended I invite Henry since, “Daniel likes playing with him.”
       Joshua also asked to have “family game night” tonight.  This is not something we’ve ever been good about doing.  It’s just not fun to play games with over-excited preschoolers.  HOWEVER, tonight I played Armyopoly with Joshua and Caleb, and it was actually quite fun.  The boys were able to sit nicely and play seriously and handle their own turns.  All I had to do was help them with the money counting.  How exciting that our kids have finally gotten old enough to be fun to play board games with!  Of course, this was made possible by Alan taking Daniel upstairs and putting him to bed.  Dan can be quite the spoiler when it comes to organized activities….