You can call me April, the computer genius! ; )

Of course, that’s kind of a joke, as I often say that “electronics hate me.” I am by far no computer expert. Thankfully, to blog on Blogger, the skills required are A.) ability to read. B.) ability to type …..yeah, that’s about it.
But I am SO EXCITED today b/c I figured out how to switch my volumes and volumes of video files from my old blog at to this new blog! And it’s so easy!!
If you check the “Happy Parenting” tab, you can watch Daniel, 1 year ago today, cracking up at his mommy.

And just to show off my new skill, here’s a little movie of the boys meeting Daniel, on his “day zero” birthday, still at the hospital. : ) Happy Birthday, Dan!

Sidenote: Caleb was only three years old in this video, and Joshua was five. The boys are both just big for their age. Seriously, Caleb is, and always has been, sort of a giant. : )

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