Ancestry and Dan’s Birthday


Happy Birthday, Dan!  Anyone remember this?

I really should be tidying up and prepping for Dan’s mini-birthday party, but I wanted to pause and say thank you to Alan’s parents!
I got my Ancestry DNA results back today, so that was fun to see. Here are my basic stats:

89% British Isles (wow, that’s a lot of %)
8% Central European (Germany, Switzerland, and France, for me)
3% Unknown (But since I have done my research, I’m pretty sure this addresses my Native American background, of various tribes.)

They tried to match it up with my tree to show me on the map the birth places of some of my ancestors. I noticed that they didn’t pinpoint any of my early migrating ancestors (1600s), only the ones who came over in the 1700s. Did you see that with yours, DaddyO? And can you remind me what your results and Donna’s results were? I’d like to write that down in my Genealogy records.

Here are some individual surnames and locations. For those of you who are in my family, you may be surprised to see some of these random last names pop up in our history. There are thousands of random last names when you go back this far!

Clackmanshire, Scotland….last names Russell and Boyd. Russell migrated to Georgia, and I’m not sure about Boyd.

Wales: Ayers and Edwards, both migrated to South Carolina

England: Miles, Carlisle, McDaniel, Lansdell, and Heath

Germany: Buckholts

Switzerland: George (as last name)

……My people have all been Americans a very long time. 94% of people in my tree were born in the USA. You have to go back to the 16/1700s to trace us back to Europe, which is difficult to do. Records weren’t kept so great, and fires were way more common than you would think, and I don’t know how much of that had to do with Sherman!

In my own research, I have also found 2 surnames from France, innumerable ones from the British Isles, 1 Native American (that really wasn’t back all that far), and 1 other one from Germany.

Everyone takes a look at my hair and brands me Irish, and they are not far off. I get that from my great-grandmother, on my dad’s side, and it does appear that she had a great deal of Irish in her.

I also want to say thanks to my dad for the birthday message from Tom. (the app with Tom the Cat) Daniel watched it about 6 times, before I finally made him say bye-bye to Tom! Every time Tom said Daniel’s name, Dan would point to himself and smile. It was adorable.

And now for a “slideshow” of Dan, over his first 2 years of life:

3 months old
6 months old
23 months
15 months
about 1 year
classic first birthday messy-man
15 months
18 months
19 months
~10 months
~ 1 week
~ 1 week
12 months
~ 1 month or 2?  He used to nurse, and pass out.  Nursing babies to sleep is  such an awesome talent.  ; )
~6 weeks, snuggling with Nana
first beach trip
5 months
first Indian war-paint face  : )
7 months
8 months

Happy Birthday to our sweet little Carrot Top!


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