Daniel’s birthday slideshow

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Daniel had a really awesome birthday.  Joshua was right.  It did make it more fun for Dan to have another ‘little’ present.  We invited our friends, Jason and Katerina.  They actually have 3 little ones.  Dan had a blast. 
Funny:  Caleb is still 5, so he is still surprisingly well entertained by Daniel’s presents.  Dan opened his presents from us, and the next thing we knew, Caleb had swiped all the new toys, leaving Daniel with only a new book.  Of course, Dan told on him.  He is pretty good at tattle-ing.
  Caleb also has been sleeping with the bubble guppy toys that Henry got Daniel…
We even cleared all the big kids off the trampoline and had preschool jump time.  That was cute.
Oh!  And the ice cream cake was so delicious and hassle free, ice cream cakes are my new favorite cake by far! 
Oh, and just so everyone knows, I totally built that farm out of Duplo blocks, all by myself.  No directions!   : )  Thank you to Sean and Amy and kiddos for those.  They were a hit….as well as my crowning achievement for the weekend.  ; )