The Coldest Spring Break Ever!

Spring Break 2013….

Today was the first day of Spring Break…and it was so cold that even the streets were covered with snow this morning. 

What we did with such a weird Spring Break day:
-Joshua was at Jack’s house all morning.  I really missed him!

-Daniel and Caleb both spent 30 minutes playing in the snow.  I need to get snow gear for myself next winter!  At least the kids were warm.  Meanwhile, jeans and sweater gloves will only get you so far in snow this wet!

-Caleb had his BEST friend, Nicholas over for a few hours.  Those two literally played video games the entire time.  I called them up for lunch, and they wolfed down their food as quickly as they could, so they could get back down to the basement to play Mario Super Sluggers.

-I found out Caleb’s BEST friend Nicholas is moving this summer.  : (

-Daniel continued his potty training:  making lots of progress with #1, but no luck on #2 yet.  Therefore, he always waits for me to put his nap diaper on him.  Then he poops in that.  Once he has done his business, he bangs on his bedroom door and yells “Mama” until I come change his diaper.  Ah, toddlers.

-I played crazy Chess with Caleb.  Alan has played Chess a couple times with the boys.   Only I don’t know the first thing about Chess.  Caleb knows this, but he assured me that he would show me how to play, and wanted me to play it with him so badly that I really had to give it a shot.  Of course, I knew that playing Chess with a five-year-old would mean “Crazy Chess” where rules were invented as the game progressed.  Now tell me how much of this he made up:
1.  The pawns move diagonally.  *I liked hearing him say the word diagonally…..sounded so grown up*
2.  The queen can move in a straight line, all the way to the end of the board if she wants to.  *feeling suspicious about this one*
3.  The knights move up two and over one.
4.  The king can just go wherever he wants.  *yeah, right*
 I forget what he said about the little castles and whatever those other things are.  Yes, I am that inexperienced at Chess.
But I tell you what——I AM going to read the directions before I play Chess with Caleb again!

-I made the boys watch a 2 hour documentary on Lewis and Clark. HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA  This is one of those fun things about being a parent.  Caleb actually watched it pretty seriously for a while.  Joshua spent the whole time drawing and probably didn’t hear a word they said.

-We colored together.  Literally together.  I had this beautiful, detailed parrot in a rain forrest page in the works that’s in one of those very detailed more grown-up style coloring books, but Daniel and Caleb insisted on coloring on my page with me.  Daniel was very proud of his contribution, made boldly with green marker, and of course I didn’t mind at all.  Coloring really is for kids, anyway, right?

-We had leftover buffet for supper.  Seriously, I pulled out about 12 rubbermaid and pyrex dishes of food from the fridge, none of it that old.  I need to slow down on the cooking, or perhaps freeze more…Anyway.  I was very happy to see both Caleb and Joshua choose “macaroni and tomato juice” for their dinner.  (This is an abbreviated version of Hot Stuff.  It is literally nothing but elbow macaroni in tomato juice, but with plenty of black pepper, and it is SO GOOD.)  It was my favorite Sunday lunch as a child, and now my children feel the same way.  : )  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

-Alan took all three boys to Dairy Queen for ice cream afterwards, so I finally got to squeeze in a work out.  (The snow had melted by then).

-I built Daniel his first train track and showed him how to work a remote control train:  Knight and Sir John of GeoTrax.  WOW!  This kept him busy for a solid 20 minutes, and that is a LONG time for Daniel.  I was so excited.

snuggling brothers in the nice, warm house
Update on the nice, warm house:  The heating problem was due to the pilot light being out, due to the moisture from the flood.  Alan got that fixed, and all is well again.
…..except that I have become Crazy Pregnant April.  Today I was standing outside and a little thing I call “the wave” came over me.  It’s a warm, sick, super weak feeling that I get sometimes during pregnancy, though this is the first time for preggo #4.  I can’t be sure if I feel like I’m going to puke or pass out, but I definitely feel a sudden need to sit when “the wave” happens.  It moves through my whole body like a wave, so that’s why I call it that.  Do any of you have any idea what I’m talking about!!??
I am 27 weeks now, and my hormones are just not even funny.  Today I cried (for joy) when Alan said he was thinking about taking us all out for ice cream, even though I wasn’t hungry.  Then Alan said I could stay home, and I was so overjoyed I can’t tell you!  Then, once they had left, I was watching the FAQ segment of my Fit Pregnancy Video ( I started the 3rd trimester workout today), and I cried when the instructor told about her website, because it sounded so good I couldn’t wait to read it.  
So, you see, Crazy April is here.  I used to call her “the lady who ate April”, which I guess still applies. Regular April will be back in about 6 months, when the baby is about 3 months old and I am within range of my goal weight…….  ; )  
Oh, Alan just read the post and told me that, though he actually only played Chess with Caleb once, those are actually real rules of Chess…..oops.  Well, I always did say the boy is a genius.  ; )  


  • Anonymous

    Dear Lady Who Ate April,
    You wrote: “It moves through my whole body like a wave, so that's why I call it that. Do any of you have any idea what I'm talking about!!??”

    Reply from Daddy-O: Uhmm……no, not really. Sorry I can't help you with that one.

  • April, I've only played with Caleb once but he's got it right!

  • I did get a good chuckle out of your reply, but of course I don't suppose you were ever pregnant. : /
    Sincerely, Lady Who Ate April : )

  • Yay! The iPad finally let you post a comment!

  • Anonymous

    I had a few of those “waves” back in my pregnant days. Nana

  • Anonymous

    haha, your first day of spring break looked alot like our last 2 days of spring break…… only we got about 7″ of snow and it is still on the ground! I am SO over this winter! Amber

  • Anonymous

    I had some similiar “waves” during the 1st trimester…and am still dealing with hormones! Amy