Why is it so stinkin’ cold?

I did some research.  This doesn’t look promising, but I suppose it will help our summers….

good article:

Winters of 2012, 2013, 2014 Could be Frigid

Obviously, the 2011/12 winter wasn’t that cold.  This is referring to the 2012/13 winter, 2013/14, and 2014/15.

I am so not a weather nut, but the article link above is worth reading.  It paints a much more believable picture than the “global warming” scare of Al Gore and cronies.  I started digging all this up b/c I’m so annoyed by my freezing cold spring break.  I am originally from Alabama, ya’ll!  Cold, windy March has not been enjoyable to me!

A lot of people didn’t notice how cold it was this year since A.  Our snow came often but in small amounts and B.  They weren’t outside!

I am outside every single day for long stretches of time and am therefore entitled to an opinion.  : )  I’m not whole heartedly complaining though.  It has made for a comfortable pregnancy, all the coats helped hide how big I was…..for a while, and it should benefit us come July, don’t you think?

Drawing by Joshua, and coloring by Daniel.  I think they make a pretty cute team.
Flashback video:  Caleb was 1, and Joshua was 2 1/2

We’re staying home today. I’ve been giving the boys quarters to do various chores, and right now they are playing the Wii yet again. Everyone seems to be okay with taking a rest day, you know, since it’s so stinkin’ cold!!! I’m actually thinking about sneaking in a nap, while Dan is napping.

Oh yeah! One more thing! I measured Daniel since he is now officially 2 years old. Surprising info! He is about 30% for height!? Isn’t that funny! He is 34 inches tall. Joshua was always 75-95% for height. Caleb was always 95%-100+% for height, and then we have our little Dan man. Only he’s not all little. For weight Daniel is 29 lb., exactly the same that Joshua was at that age, only he’s 2 inches shorter, so for weight Dan is in the 75%. My babies are always extra chunky and then thin out the older they get, so I’m not too worried about it. Plus we just switched him from whole to 2% milk, and he drinks a lot of milk.

I just think it’s so funny b/c Alan and I are both tall. Alan is super tall, and I am 2 inches above average for a woman. The average height for women is 5 foot 4. Perhaps Dan will catch a growth spurt soon, but otherwise I suppose he will just be the shortest brother. Remind me to tell Daniel when he’s older that women typically don’t care at all how tall a man is, unless said woman happens to be very tall herself. Almost every guy I dated was about the same height as me, and I don’t recall every caring one way or the other about that. You can believe his brothers will not be permitted to tease him or call him short either!

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