When your midwife calls on a Saturday it’s not a good sign. That Easter I was pregnant

Happy Easter!
 I just spent an hour on my Easter post……and then suddenly everything completely disappeared…..

So instead I will just stick to the highlights, as I am now in a pretty bad mood….

–Thursday night I came down with a head cold and fever (like my 4th cold this winter), but I powered through and we had a really good time at the Farm Park on Friday.

–By Saturday, I was so unusually exhausted and miserable, I just crashed.  I literally did not move from my chair until 11am.  Poor Alan had to take care of his regular responsibilities, while also helping me with mine.  As if he’s not stressed enough already.  I came in and out of sleep the entire day, and I seemed to have no power over it.  I wanted to be productive, but my body just couldn’t follow through.

–After sleeping all day and accomplishing nothing, I finally got up around 4pm, cleaned the kitchen, played with Caleb and Daniel, and did some laundry.

Then my midwife called.

Now you know it’s not good news when your midwife calls you at home on a Saturday.  She said that my glucose level was too high, so I have to do the 3-hour fasting glucose test this week.  IF I fail it as well, I will be considered “gestational diabetes,” follow a special diet, and have to do finger sticks daily (like multiple times daily).
Also, I am anemic, and I have to take an Iron supplement three times a day, as well as a Vitamin C supplement to help my body absorb the iron.
I’m at least glad to know about the anemia.  I thought it odd that I’d gotten this far into the pregnancy without anyone commenting on my iron levels.  I’m hoping once I pick up the prescribed iron on Monday that my energy will come back.
After sleeping the entire day of Saturday, I was still able to sleep all night long last night, and didn’t really want to get out of the bed this morning.  That’s just crazy!

Our Easter is quite informal this year…..the only outfit I planned in advance was Daniel’s.  I had planned a ham dinner for the family on Sunday, but since I spent Saturday sleeping that didn’t happen.  The shame:  everyone had leftover pizza for Easter lunch, and I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and yogurt.
The boys wore shirts to church this morning that barely even qualify as “Sunday dress,” and right now I could wolf down a box of macaroni and cheese without batting an eye, but I won’t.

In an hour we are going to an Easter dinner with our Sunday school class, so that’s good.  I have a sweet potato casserole baking in the oven that I’m not supposed to eat, if I do have the gest. diabetes.
You know what though?  The boys still have had a great Easter.  They have no idea that nothing was as I would have planned it!  And they were so cute this morning, showing Daniel his Easter basket.  Joshua was more excited about helping Daniel with his basket than he was with his own, and I had to hold Caleb off an hour from waking up all his brothers so they could see their baskets.
I’m thankful my children are blissfully unaware of the golden Baptist standard of Easter that most of us are accustomed to!!  Ha!



Oh!  By the way, I took birthday money sent by DaddyO, Nonna, as well as Great-Grandmama and Great Grandaddy, and bought Daniel a Cozy Coupe!  Happiest baby ever!  THANK YOU!  It hasn’t been outside yet since it’s cold, and Dan’s nose has run all winter, but he rides it around the living room and kitchen.  He loves it!


so adorable, and I believe this outfit was even worn by Alan!


Happy Easter, ya’ll!


  • Anonymous

    Hope you are feeling better soon, April. Sorry you had a sick Easter. Hope all the tests come out alright this week. The cozy coupe is so cute…of course with Daniel in it. That outfit he has on was smocked and made by his great grandmother! It is so neat that he got to wear it like his daddy did. Did all three boys get to wear it? The boys are all growing so much! I can't wait to see all of you in a few weeks. Hope Alan is keeping up with all his work and doing alright. Love you all. Nonna

  • All three boys actually have worn it. Wouldn't it be neat to put together pictures of my three plus Alan in that outfit, side by side! Its so nice looking on all four little blue eyed boys, too.

  • Anonymous

    Mother would be thrilled with a picture like that! Good gift idea! I will look for the picture of Alan in it. Nonna

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