Potty Training (guest post by Daniel, age 2)


   This has been a most exciting week at our house.  It all started Sunday, church day, when we found baskets of toys and candy just sitting on the kitchen table!!!  It had the most delicious food I have ever tasted in these little plastic eggs.
  We all went to church, just like every Sunday.  I cried when Daddy dropped me off, but as soon as he couldn’t see me I started to play.  They have really cool toys in there.  After church I got to eat even more candy, and I was so excited!  That was the best day!
   I am a big boy now.  I really am because I can use the potty.  I am so happy Mommy lets me use the potty.  The bathroom is a really fun room.  I used to love to flush things, but I’m over that now.  Now the sink is my favorite.  I wash my hands all the time!  I would wash my hands every few minutes or so, if Mommy would just let me keep a kitchen chair pushed up to the sink.  But every time I push Daddy’s chair over to the kitchen sink, they come in and move it back!  Did you know that I can reach anything in the world, as long as I can stand in a chair!?  It’s fantastic.
   Today I even went whoo-whoo stinky in the bathroom, like a big boy.  Daddy said it’s supposed to all go in the toilet though.  I was so proud anyway.
 Oh!  Mommy also showed me an amazing new toy!  Choo-choo trains that ride on tracks!  Some of them even have remote controls.  I love playing with them, and there are whole boxes full of train stuff.
   My brothers are lots of fun too.  I love my brothers.  Sometimes, in the morning, Joshua helps me come down the stairs, and we bump down together on our bottoms.  And sometimes Caleb takes my toys and won’t give them back, but Mommy always helps me, so I always tell on him.
   Every day, after my brothers get home from school, Mommy takes us to the playground.  I love to play in the mulch at the playground.  I like to pile it on people’s shoes and knock down mounds that other people make.  Today was awesome because there were little girls, not much bigger than me, at the playground, and they were playing in the mulch too.  I followed them around and dug into some of their mounds, but sometimes they would get mad and throw mulch at me.  It was worth it, though, until I fell and got mulch all in my jacket, all in my shirt, and even in my mouth.  Mommy fixed it though.  I love Mommy.
  After a while, I get tired of the mulch and the slides, and then I go looking for the giant puddle, but lately the giant puddle is gone!!  It’s just dirt now, but it’s good dirt, with lots of sticks, so it’s still a good place to play.
  Thank you so much for all the fun birthday presents I got!  I have had so much fun playing with my Little People Zoo, my new red and yellow car, my lego farm, and everything else.  Thank you!
 I have to go to bed now.  I love bedtime.  I sleep with a whole bunch of stuffed animals and my blanket, and Mommy always kisses me on each cheek before she closes the door.  If I ask her, she will even give me extra kisses, so I always ask her and show her which cheek to kiss.   Best of all, on nights when I’m having trouble sleeping, if I cry and yell real loud, Daddy will come in and sing songs to me until I fall asleep.  I love my mommy and daddy so much.
by:  Daniel, age 2
Quote of the day:
Joshua:  That’s not the kind of cheese I like.
Alan:   (holding the kind of cheese Joshua likes, only not shredded, the way Joshua eats it)  Yes, it is, see, watch, I’m going to show you.
Joshua:  *groan*  *shakes head*  I know that’s not the kind I like, though.
Alan:  You know everything, don’t you Joshua?
Joshua:  Yeah, I really do.
Alan:   Wow.  How do you know so much for such a young boy?
…..In the end, Alan actually did convince Joshua that the block cheese is the same as shredded, by shredding it in front of him.  I’ve done that before too, but he still wanted me to shred it.  Maybe this time the message got through.
Accomplishment of the Day:
Joshua is enjoying baseball practice so far.  He now has two friends on the team, so that goes a long way.  Tonight Alan let them run a race.  Joshua won, so he was pretty proud of that.
Good news of the day:
I had my 3 hour fasting glucose test.  That was not fun.  You do not have to have a sugar problem for that test to make you feel awful, drinking that stuff on an empty stomach.  The good news is I passed the test.  I do not have gestational diabetes.
New goal:
Alan and I have made a new goal to get back to getting to bed at a decent hour, by 10 at the latest.  Lately, we’ve had so much trouble getting up early in the morning because of how late we stay up.  So I guess I should go to bed!


  • Anonymous

    That reminds me of when your brother was three and informed me that I did not know everything. When I agreed and pronounced that no one does, he said “no, but April juuust about.” So thankful that you passed the glucose test. You will probably still feel better if you limit your sugar intake. Tell Daniel we are proud of him learning to use the potty. Love to all, Nana

  • Anonymous

    Really liked your posting format by Daniel! Really cute. Tell him how proud Nonna and DaddyO are of him going to the potty like his big brothers. Glad you passed your test! Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks. Love, Nonna

  • Anonymous

    P. S. by Daniel: This is a good family to be in and all, but everybody else is older and bigger than I am. I don't get to do all the things everybody else does. I wonder why I ended up being the baby in this arrangement? Sometimes it's OK because I get special attention, but other times they say “No, no, you're too young to do that!”. *Sigh* I guess I'll always be “Little Dan-Dan”. I wonder what it's like to be a big brother?

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