Tired Parenting

The boys, all geared up for the daily *freezing cold* walk to school
Oh.  I look like this?  That’s kind of hilarious, and I still have 2 months of growing left!?

As I’ve mentioned recently, the arrival of Spring ushered in a much busier phase of life for us, as for many parents of children involved in spring sports!  All the busy-ness has left me feeling crazy tired and more pregnant than ever.  I’m definitely starting to walk a little slower!

  Right now Alan is briskly going around tidying up, now that the boys are in bed, and it makes me tired just watching him.  My time card is punched, though.  I am done for the evening.  My feet are up, I’ve got my water here, and it’s only a matter of time before I fall asleep blogging.  : )
  Did you know that tired parents don’t always make the best decisions?  It was kind of sad what we did to poor Caleb today.  Caleb had his very first soccer game of the season.  I knew he had a little cold because he woke up the whole house coughing and gagging on mucus last night.  This morning he was moving a bit slow, but Caleb is always rather nonchalant, so I didn’t think anything of it.  We suited him up, bright and early, and took him out in the 44 degree, windy weather for the first game of the season.  (Don’t bother scrolling down.  Tired parents don’t carry around cameras.)
  The game got off to a roaring start, with many of our team players really showing some skill!  Caleb…..was a little less motivated.  He kind of jogged along behind the other players, occasionally he half-heartedly kicked the ball, and a couple of times he said, “I’m kind of bored with this now.  Can we go?”  But it didn’t click.  We just didn’t get it.
   On the way home, we had a light bulb moment.  Alan told Caleb he could choose anything he wanted for lunch in honor of his first big game.  Wow!  This should’ve been exciting.  Joshua was in his seat saying, “McDonald’s!  McDonalds!”  which turned to “What!  This isn’t fair!”  when Caleb, once his idea of lunch at Disney World was rejected, said, “Let’s just eat at home.  I’m really not hungry.”
   We always know when our kids turn down food that we have a problem.  We agreed on a temperature-checkin’ once we got home:  verdict:  100 degrees.  That poor kid.  We felt so bad for taking him out, in the cold, to play soccer with a fever!  (We did buy Joshua some McDonald’s food anyway.  Once the ibuprofen took full affect, Caleb had some nuggets and chocolate milk too.)
  Other big news:  Daniel moved up to his very own twin-size big boy bed, so that we could move the convertible crib into the new nursery.    He was really excited, as were his brothers.  I actually did get photos of that.
Gotta love those chunky little legs!  The blanket is a hand-me down from brothers.  I plan to fully theme out his room this week in sports balls.  I have a lot of stuff.  I just need to pull it all together.


I got a new haircut.  I LOVE my hairdresser here.  Of course, when I’m styling my hair myself it won’t look as good as when she did it.  Yes, I realize my belly looks super high in this picture.  I am a short-waisted person!!


Daniel loves his ball painting by Nonna.

Funny Things Kids Say:
   Caleb is so happy that being sick means he doesn’t have to go to church tomorrow.  Joshua’s prayers tonight went something like this:  “Dear God, Tomorrow we get to go to your house, but Caleb is so lucky, because he doesn’t have to go to your house.  I want to get to stay home too, but they are going to make me go anyway.  And baseball is getting more fun now, especially when we’re going to get to beat other teams.  Amen.”
  Joshua had baseball pictures this morning.  When he and Alan got home I heard Joshua tell Alan, “Can I keep my baseball clothes on?  Because I look so cool in them.”
   I thought it was so adorable this morning when Caleb came downstairs and said, “I can’t find my cweats.”  (cleats)  I thought it was so cute, I kept thinking up ways to make Caleb say “cweats”.   Tired parents are also easily entertained.  
   I should really go get some sleep tonight!!  


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