Daniel’s New Interest

Here’s Dan, holding one of his toy airplanes and watching the planes take off.  He was also really excited about wearing his new (handed down from two brothers, of course) sandals.  That’s right.  I FINALLY got all the winter clothes out of the closets yesterday and pulled out all the spring/summer stuff.

We’ve recently noticed that Daniel carries airplane toys around the house.  He also gets excited when he sees an airplane or a helicopter flying.  This is our first son to be interested in aviation.  Alan seems kind of excited about this interest.
Yesterday, Joshua and Caleb spent all day out with Daddy doing soccer, cub scout activities, and Supper Club.  Daniel stayed home with me, and we spent all day doing chores, coughing, and blowing our noses, so today we switched kids.
Joshua, Caleb, and I went to Sunday School.  I still feel pretty sick, but teaching kindergarteners doesn’t require you to shake anyone’s hand; plus I didn’t have a sub lined up.  We just stayed one hour and then came home.
Meanwhile, Alan took Daniel down to the airport, to the park where you can watch the airplanes landing and taking off.  Alan took some videos of Daniel, and he looks so CUTE, enjoying every minute.

  I also found some pictures from Daniel’s recent birthday on Alan’s phone.




Our grocery store has these shopping carts for kids!  So perfect for Daniel who wants to do EVERYTHING we do!  BTW, you should’ve seen how crazy he was about the pink and purple Minnie Mouse buggy he found in the Target toy section a few weeks ago.  He LOVED it, but I managed to escape the store w/out any meltdowns.  I don’t think he’s figured out that the toys in the toy section can go home with you.



He fell asleep in the living room again.  So cute!


These two are surprisingly close.  Actually, they are all three close,  but since Caleb is a little younger he actually enjoys playing with Daniel. That 3 1/2 year age difference won’t seem like so much one day.   Joshua also pays Dan plenty of attention, it’s just a lot more older-brotherly attention.  Joshua earns his meals around here with the way he keeps Dan out of trouble!



  • Anonymous

    All the photos are so good, especially the one of Daniel and Caleb both sitting on the balls.

    A technical note, I had trouble seeing the video. I could see short parts, but definitely not as good as Xanga.


  • Actually, that video was supposed to be 30 secs. and it's only showing 18, so I'm not really sure what's going on there. Xanga wouldn't let me do videos at all anymore though. It just didn't work as well with the Mac.

  • Anonymous

    Video worked fine for me, all 31 seconds lol he's so cute! Love ya, Amber

  • Anonymous

    I've got my fingers crossed that the maternity top you are wearing is a large…that is too cute! Amy

  • Thank you, Amy!! Do you mean the pink and black one in the birthday pics? It's a small, but it has never been in the dryer so it's about the same as a large that has been in the dryer several times. It took me three pregnancies to figure out I wouldn't have to keep buying new clothes if I'd just keep the ones I have out of the dryer!

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