30 weeks

29 weeks and 2 days in this photo.  It literally looks like someone stuffed a soccer ball under my shirt.
   Week 29-30 was not too good to me.  Our whole family got this horrible cold, and I have coughed SO HARD that I have actually hurt one of my ribs.  I just hold my thumb over the offended spot whenever I have to cough.  Caleb has now had it for two weeks and the so-called doctor (I think she was a very unsympathetic Physician’s Assistant) at the health clinic would do nothing for him.  She thought it was allergies.
  Allergies, ha!  I’ve had allergies my whole life.  I think I know the difference.
   According to several articles I’ve read there ARE things you can take during the 3rd trimester for sickness like this, so you can believe I’ve been taking them.  
   Yesterday was Teacher Work Day, so I had all three boys all day with me.  It wasn’t bad.  It was nice not to have to get everyone ready for school.  I took all three, while Alan was at work, to a mini-golf place.  This place has two full courses of mini golf.  We did both, all 36 holes!  It probably took us all of 30 minutes.  Joshua and Caleb are FAST golfers!  I don’t make them wait for one to finish before the other starts.  That keeps things moving, so there is zero time spent standing around waiting!
  I am happy to report we played 36 holes and ate lunch at their restaurant and managed to escape free of incident.  Granted, Daniel did throw his putter into the water twice, but I managed to fish it out.  Of course, he also threw his ball in the water on the very first hole, so we just kissed it good-bye.  He hit my ball off and on until he finally threw it into the water too around the 20th hole.  Not too shabby for us!
  Last night Alan had me get a babysitter and we had a little date.  It was only slightly hard to enjoy, with us both constantly coughing and blowing our noses and in general just struggling for air.  Ha!!  
  Meanwhile, we treated ourselves to Pina Colada smoothies at Burger King.  That may not sound like much, but you would be surprised!  Those things are delicious!
   I looked up the nutrition info, but allow me to defend myself on one part:  This was my dinner.  We drank them in the car and then took a long walk downtown, amongst all the beautiful blooming trees.  Alan had planned to take me to Outback (our favorite restaurant), but I had asked to do this instead.  Okay, so I had the Large Smoothie.  Check out the nutrition info:



Saturated Fat
Trans Fat

Allergens: Milk
…..That would definitely not be diabetic friendly!!  But the fat content and calorie level really isn’t bad for a meal!  And some of that sugar does come from fruit, which isn’t as bad for you as the granulated variety.  It also contains yogurt.

Daniel, so happy with his big boy bed!

Ah, brotherly love!

The entire 1st grade had their end of year performance.  They all sang together, and then each class did one song/dance by themselves.  it was adorable.  Joshua is on the back row, in the middle, in blue.  Video of that to come soon.

Dan was a very well behaved audience member.  He even joined in for the “muncha muncha muncha” part, which had a big arm-clapping motion (much like the Florida Gators gator-chomp thing they do).

I really don’t know what he was doing, but I thought it was cute.

The first two children got sliced, peeled apples.  By the time the 3rd child arrives, you just hand them an apple.      : )  Actually, I do peel it first to make it easier on his little bitty teeth, and he loves to eat an apple this way.

Hope everyone has a great week.  I changed my “Light of Life” tab to “God’s Love” and included my story, so check it out.

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    hehehe, remembering our trip to mini golf with Jacob, Madison, Joshua and Caleb….. I believe we lost a few balls and a putter or two that day as well (from a not quiet 2 yr old Caleb!)good times!