31 Weeks: Contractions, Swollen Ankles, and 8 weeks to go!

   We are finally at 31 weeks!  I am still doing well and feeling huge.  Tomorrow is the doc appointment where we officially discuss my delivery and schedule the c-section.  Alan is actually going to get to go to this one with me.  I have 8 weeks left, and yet it feels so close. 
   A few changes have arrived that make me feel a lot more pregnant.   I’m taking more naps now because I just get so sleepy!  My ankles now swell everyday.  And this in today:  when I’m working really hard at house cleaning, I start getting false labor contractions.  Fun.  I had one that was so strong I was shocked for a second, but then it went away pretty quickly.  I was just so surprised, as it’s been a long time since I felt those!  
  For me those false labor pains come more and more frequently with each subsequent pregnancy.  I didn’t have Braxton-Hicks contractions of any kind with Joshua until a couple weeks before delivery.  With Caleb, I had random ones early on and then a lot the last few weeks.  With Daniel, I had them constantly the last month and a half or so.  And now here we go again!  
   My parents visited this weekend.  The weather had to go and be all freezing cold again, but other than that it was a successful trip.  They got to see both boys playing their respective sport.  Mom helped me a TON with laundry and such, and Daniel did his best to keep everyone entertained.  That boy is so hilarious.  Nana was tending to him so much as I was running here and there and everywhere that Daniel seemed to view Nana as his new mom–or personal servant–the two seem to be synonymous to small children.  He followed her around devotedly, making various demands and showing her the ropes.  He proudly showed her the newly decorated nursery and was careful to point out the giraffe picture frame.  He made sure she noticed how things matched and how the giraffe on the frame was much like the giraffe on the measuring chart we have hanging on the nursery door.
   Here’s a few photos of our weekend:
There’s Caleb, in the back.

Caleb did manage to get his foot on the ball a few times.  His attitude toward soccer seems to be, “Yeah, okay.  I like this uniform.  This is kind of fun for a few minutes, but after a little bit I just want to go sit down or kick the ball with Daniel.”

Alan, Super Dad, extraordinaire!

My parents braved the cold for two games on Saturday.  At least Cabe’s game was in the sunlight.  For Joshua’s we had to stand in the shade, and it was WINDY!

****Joshua’s First Big Game****
In this pic, Joshua was the third baseman.  For their first game, J’s team lost 4-2, but Joshua whacked the ball so well on his second at-bat that he got two “runs batted in,”  earning himself the game ball.  (They award a game ball to the kid who helped the team the most for that game.)

Joshua took a turn as catcher.  He seemed to really enjoy it and was actually paying attention to the ball, which I’ve never seen him do.  But once he realized the coach behind him was catching all the balls, he kind of just gave up on that.  He was such a cute little catcher!

Caleb, chalking the trampoline.

Caleb swimming.  This is truly his favorite “sport.”  He is getting better all the time.  He still needs more practice with kicking his feet when swimming and putting his face in the water, but I think by the end of the summer he’ll have that down.

    Right now Joshua and Alan are at batting practice, and I have Caleb and Dan watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I recharge my battery for the final push to bedtime:  baths, pajamas, and story time!  We’re still reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  Caleb is really into it, but I’m not sure if Joshua has heard a word I’ve read.  He sits there and proudly thumbs through his notebooks of completed Mario drawings while I’m reading.  
Quote of the Week:
  Last weekend we took the boys to the park and let Caleb bring along his friend, Owen.  A teenage boy was walking through the park carrying his Lacrosse stick.  Owen called out to the boy, “Hey!  There’s not butterflies here!”  Too funny.
Sweetest quote of the week:
  Our neighborhood is abloom with beautiful tulips all over the place right now.  Caleb seemed really impressed with a garden full of thick, yellow tulips.  He said, “When I’m grown up and have a wife, I’m going to bring her those yellow flowers all the time!”  : )  Precious!

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  • Anonymous

    In the middle photo of Joshua on third base (with adult in white shirt pointing finger), Joshua looks a lot like Ashton looked like at that age. All the photos are great. We hope your next 8 weeks go as well as possible. ~Daddy-O & Nonna

  • Anonymous

    I feel it's likely that Michael Phelps would be quite offended to see your quotation marks regarding his “sport.” Caleb's wife will be one lucky lady. 🙂 amy

  • Lol! I only meant that for Caleb it's not quite a sport yet, as he is still learning, not competing yet. However, it also drives me crazy when people say cheerleading is not a sport. It so is too! ; )