Why must life get serious????

I do live a nice, rather charmed sort of life in suburbia.  We have a healthy family, a cozy house, job security, and no debt.  I am ridiculously blessed, but lately the news coming from many corners of our family has been news of sickness, sadness, milestones, and hardship.  So today I’m feeling rather badly that I am not closer to all our loved ones!  I wish we could be closer to you all to share in your lives, rather than just hearing about your lives, you know?  I want to be there to give hugs, bring you food, and cry with you.  Just know that we very much are thinking and praying about you, and no matter how far away we live, we still love and care about you all so much.
Even the boys talk about it, and they have been praying for each family member in hardship at night, without any prompting from us.  Some of the news has been rather hard for them.  We forget how little experience children have with many of the bad things that can happen in life.  And yet they cannot and should not be excluded from all pain.

Right now Daniel is napping, J & C are at school, and Alan is at work.  Alan is under a good bit of stress with work and a job transition that he’s going through right now, but he’s holding up just fine.  Yesterday he went to my doc appointment with me and even took Dan and me out to lunch.
I was so proud of Dan at lunch when he suddenly stopped eating, and made his potty sign.  I rushed him off to the bathroom, and it was a very successful lunch indeed!

Funny Story:

Daniel is also our cleanest kid ever.  He was chowing down on croutons (one of his favorite foods), when he dropped two.  One landed in his chair and one in the floor.  Well, that boy would not rest or even return to his chair until he had found that crouton that got away in the floor.  Thankfully, as soon as he finally found it (and was probably about to try to eat it), a waitress scooped it up out of his hand and assured him she’d dispose of it for him.  We were relieved, but Daniel looked rather perturbed, as this lady had just made off with one of his favorite foods!

Officially a BOY:
While we were at the appointment, Alan asked the doctor if he might have another look at the baby because he, having never actually seen the male parts, was not convinced this was a boy.  (It was pretty certain, according to the ultrasound lady, though she could never show us it).  My doctor obligingly went off and got the u/s machine and brought it to our room.  Lo and behold, we got a very clear image of a baby scrotum……so……this is definitely officially a boy!

Pregnancy Brain:
It is true that your brain cells compress during pregnancy.  They straighten back out a few months after delivery.  I kid you not.  Google it.
Anyway, I had a pregnancy brain incident yesterday.  At the usual time to get the boys I shook myself from my nap, woke Daniel up from his nap, and set off, a little late, to pick the boys up from school.  Once I arrived at the walker’s pick-up area, I was quite dismayed to discover that my children were nowhere to be seen.  I checked and double checked.  I puzzled in my head, “Where in the world are Joshua and Caleb?”  Then I had to stop and ask myself what day of the week it was, as it gradually dawned on me that the boys had the same after school activity on that day as they have been having for over a month now.
So, after having walked the 1/2 mile to school, pushing Daniel, I walked the 1/4 to the park and let Daniel play there while I chatted with my friends for an hour before I walked back to the school to finally get the boys.  Phew!!

Bump Comments:
I hope ya’ll don’t get tired of these.  You just really wouldn’t believe how many bump comments I get daily, and mostly it doesn’t bother me at all.  I just think it’s humorous.
Every once in a while it’s actually reassuring.  Yesterday I was told that I was glowing, so of course I was okay with that.  : )  And best of all, the office manager, Karen, at my chiropractor’s office also has a grandchild due in June.    I asked her, “Karen, is your daughter starting to feel really really pregnant?”  (Because I certainly am!  The difference in the last two weeks is substantial).   Karen said, “Oh yes.  She is ready to have this baby.”  And that made me feel so much better!  Then she pulled out her phone and showed me a picture, and guess what.  Her daughter has a nice, round belly too.
I got that same feeling that I got when I met another 7 month pregnant woman at my glucose test.  I can’t describe it.  It’s just like a feeling of great relief that you’re not the only one out there, you really are completely normal, and there is someone that can relate to you.
Often, one is fortunate enough to have a pregnant friend in a similar place as you.  But I only have one pregnant friend, and her due date is about 4 months or so after mine.
Pregnant buddies with similar due dates can form an amazing bond.  I miss that!  With Joshua I had Corinne and Erin and Janira.  With Caleb I had Misty.  With Daniel I had Laura and Claire.
Oh well.

Boat pics to come soon!  Maybe tomorrow after school we’ll get to take it out for a spin!

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    Oh my goodness-you are getting closer! I can't WAIT to see my newest nephew!!!! And FYI, I totally support your c-section! Amy