MisAdventures at 32 Weeks Pregnant …..Embarrassments and Getting Stuck in a Window


What. a. morning.

Before I tell you this, you must first envision me 32 weeks pregnant.  Okay, it looks a little like this:

What an unbelievable day we had! Hilarious pregnant-lady-stuck-in window story

and that was actually a couple of weeks ago….

So each day is something of a work out anyway, but this morning was……..especially special….

1st the walk to school was a little rough due to constant false labor contractions.  Don’t worry, they don’t really hurt, and once I quit walking they were gone.

It was “walk to school” day, which I had forgotten about since we walk to school everyday, but we came in on the tail end of it and joined the parade of walking school children.  They take a different route than we do, going by a very busy highway.

There was one minor scare/embarrassment when I heard my kindergartener, Caleb, being told to get back on the sidewalk.  I thought he was right beside me, but I turned around to realize he’d been darting around in the grass, by the aforementioned busy highway (don’t worry we never go that way normally), picking dandelions……gotta love a public bad parenting moment like that.

Then I walked all the way back home, pushing 2-year-old Daniel in his stroller and discovered I’d locked myself out of the house.  My cell phone was also nicely locked up.

No lectures, please, Dad.

…….So……first, Dan and I sat in the backyard and cried together.  Dan cried, “Daddy, daddy, daddy.”  But unfortunately, there was no daddy around.

My mind ran through all my options.  Finally I decided the quickest fix, perhaps not the easiest, was to simply break in.  I might have locked the door, but I knew of a window that I had left cracked (the weather was nice this morning).

…..yep.  That was my plan, fit myself through a SMALL window, 8 months pregnant, and this part of the house is slightly elevated.  It’s a first floor window, but it’s a high one, as in over my head.


Daniel and I went into the storage room, and of course, the ladder was in the very back corner of the very full storage room.


And of course, storage rooms freak me out, as you never know what wildlife may be lurking in there!


It took me about 5 minutes to very carefully climb into the window.  There was a lot at stake, so I knew I could not misstep and hurt myself, the baby, and possibly even Daniel.


I actually fit into that window more easily than I expected to, but there was a moment where I was afraid the ladder would fall over, and there I was with one leg in the window and one leg out…  When you’re 8 months pregnant, you don’t climb into a window belly down.  

 You have to go legs first, belly up.

Daniel was cool as a cucumber about that part, watching me climb into the window.  I had explained to him that I’d go around to the side door and let him in too.

You can’t imagine how excited I was when it actually worked!!  I heaved myself through that window, jumped onto the floor, ran to the side door, and there was Dan, waiting for me.

Please no email or phone call lectures about how dangerous I am.  All turned out fine.

Anyway, it may not sound like much, but to Daniel and me it was quite the victory, a serious adrenaline rush, and I won’t soon forget it, let me tell ya!

Finally inside my house, I took care of Daniel’s needs, rested a bit, and headed out the door to my fitness class.

I was dragging a little at my class this morning, but I still put in enough effort to get a good sweat in.

Daniel pooped in his pants during the class, so I took care of that…..

I came home feeling like finally sitting down, so I served lunch to Daniel and me.  Daniel finished quickly and moved on to the dining room table to color.  Lulled into a false sense of security, I leisurely enjoyed my oatmeal.  Now you probably think you know where this is going, but hang with me.

I finished my food, and proceeded to the dining room to take my sweet toddler and lay him down for a nap.  (Then I would be “free at last”).

What I saw instead was Daniel, happily pouring an entire, very full, bottle of syrup all over the dining room table…..

hilarious story of pregnant lady climbing through window

How could that face ever cause anyone a problem!?

I’ll spare you the details, but an hour and twenty minutes later, and all people here having showered, I am finally sitting down.



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