Finally Friday! Not a Moment Too Soon!

Daniel, watching the Nats vs. Pirates game.  He was copying the way the runners slid to the base….over and over again, which we thought was just adorable!
   Roll Tide, ya’ll!!!  It is finally Friday!!  Boy, could I use a weekend.  Naturally, this weekend will be jam packed with activities, but the psychology of it all is half the battle, right?
  ******Pregnancy Update*******
  This is my 33rd week of pregnancy (which means I am 32 weeks pregnant), and sometime during the last two days, amidst all those “Braxton Hicks” contractions I’ve been having, the baby dropped down lower.  It’s not highly noticeable to look at me, but internally it’s a huge change.  
The positives:  My lungs are freer to breathe and my ribcage is no longer sustaining any kicks or jabs from the little one.  
The negatives:  Walking around is just harder to do.  My hips feel looser.  More pressure is present, and worst of all the baby gives me KILLER jabs in the cervix.  After walking two hours straight at the zoo yesterday, I literally felt like the baby was just going to fall right out…….he didn’t though.  ; )
   This morning, walking to school was so difficult with all the low blows to my cervix that I was becoming grumpier and grumpier.  Finally, he got me so good that I actually stopped dead in my tracks and actually let out a little bit of a shriek.  It was all rather embarrassing.  I was walking behind three ladies I know, so they immediately checked to make sure I was okay.  I seriously had tears in my eyes from the pain.  So ridiculous.  I really hope every walk will not be like that because I’d really hate to have to quit walking!  I love walking!
me and Caleb, trying to photograph my 32 weeks shot without help.  I decided it would be best to let Alan give it a shot instead.

I totally believe that “pregnant face” is due to water weight.  In this pic it doesn’t look bad to me, but other days there’s a huge difference.  What is the deal with that?
Do all toddlers view people’s legs as horse equivalents?
   So I did notice that I whined a lot today to people about my pregnancy *issues*.  I grumbled about all the false labor contractions that I’m suddenly having off and on all day long.  I griped about the low hits, which are the closest thing I think a woman can come to being “hit it in the nuts.”  It HURTS!  Did any of you have that or remember that?  
   Anyway, my poor local friends have been getting an earful from the giant pregnant lady, so my new resolution is to shut my mouth.  I had a very productive day actually, but looking back I do feel guilty about yapping about my problems.  Politeness dictates that I should say “fine” when people ask how I’m doing, but that is so not what I did today!  I talked to anyone I could corner about these annoying contractions and painful cervical hits.  
    Sorry, local friends!  6 full weeks left of this, so I need to just suck it up and ……perhaps lay low.
   We love Friday nights!  Here’s a few shots from the last few days with the boys:

 It’s hard to tell in the photo, but Daniel had taken all his Duplo animals and put each one on a duplo block.  Then he lined them up in a straight line.  Then he scattered all of them—–but have no fear—-then he happily picked them all up and put them back in the bucket.   Third child’s a charm.   ; )  j/k  We adore all four of our little charms.

Joshua and Caleb are going to make SUCH great dads when they grow up.

Joshua spent 10 minutes trying to teach Daniel how to ride his scooter.

Alan and I are both so tired that we are now the only ones in the living room, it is 9:25 pm, an hour and a half past the boys’ bedtime, the boys are all three downstairs in the basement playroom…….and neither of us seems to have the will to begin the bedtime routine.  It’s so tiring just thinking about it!!!  Is there a better way to handle bedtime, that’s faster and less work???  There’s gotta be a better way.
Happy Weekend to all!


  • Anonymous

    Trouble with staying up late on Friday night is that the boys haven't figured out how to sleep late on Saturday! April, your face is not swollen this time like it was with Daniel. I thought dropping happened closer to delivery. Maybe that means you won't have to wait til the 19 th! I love the pictures of Joshua patiently teaching Daniel blow to ride the scooter. David mailed you a package today of the summery tops and the wall letters I didn't get to bring. I really hate it that I can't come help out. Hopefully I can make up for it after the baby comes.

  • We just want you to get better, Nonna! Thank you for sending the letters and summer tops. That's a big help in itself. Alan's first week of work went really great. Transportation is expensive, and that's our only complaint. He really likes this new job, and he didn't have any late nights. That makes everyone happy. I thought dropping happened closer to time too, which would make this a little too early. Then I've also heard that subsequent babies stay low to begin with, so instead of dropping, you're just not ever as high. But I was ridiculously high for a while there! I'm not worried about it, except I wish he'd stop using my cervix as a punching bag!
    We still have 6 weeks before showtime, so I'm going to be optimistic and have faith you'll be like a new woman by then.
    Love, April

  • Anonymous

    Looking great, April! SWEET pictures of Joshua helping Daniel! Amy

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