Third Trimester Lifesaver!!!

  I am happy to report that I am feeling soooooo much better today!  Pregnancy is weird like that.  I do have a cold now, and if I talk too much, my voice stops working, BUT no uterine/cervical pain + not too much contraction activity + no hip pain = much happier, easier to be with April!!!!

  I called my doctor’s office about my aching belly yesterday because I was hurting all over, plus having Braxton Hicks contractions constantly.  They had me come in and be evaluated.  Then the doc I saw, Dr. Friday, suggested something so simple it’s almost embarrassing I hadn’t already tried it:  a pregnancy support belt.  I made a face at him when he suggested it.  I’ve never used one for any of my other giant bellies, why should I go there now?  Besides, the one I own is almost too small for me.
  But pain is pain.  When you’re in pain, you will try ANYTHING.

  Now this maternity support belt is my new best friend.  : )  It just feels good!  Only problem is I could use a bigger one.  I’m pretty sure by the last few weeks I won’t be able to get the two ends to meet….
It looks like this:

I’m not going anywhere without this thing on anymore!
I am now 33 weeks preggo, and here are a few things I have discovered to be incredibly helpful in my fourth pregnancy (so far):

1.  Exercise.
     This is the first baby that I have regularly exercised with, and I have SO much more energy……as long as I’m taking my iron and prenatal vitamins faithfully!
   Plus, believe it or not, I have actually gained 10 less pounds this time than I ever have before at this point.  I am at 33 weeks, 30 pounds up.  Granted, that’s still above average.  BUT I looked in my old journals to check my facts, and I’ve actually usually gained 40-43 pounds by this point.  Yowzers.
   Also, it’s been helpful just being stronger!  I can do things 8 months pregnant that I couldn’t do as a non pregnant woman just a couple of years ago.
   I exercised off and on with the other pregnancies, or did light walking, but exercising regularly has made a huge difference.  Highly recommend!

2.  Chiropractor
    I think going to the chiropractor regularly, as well as the aforementioned exercise have made the right combination to steer away the sciatica problem I’ve always had with my pregnancies.  I had it HORRIBLY with Joshua, and only slightly with the others.  I’ll never forget the way I tossed and turned at night in bed with those pregnancies.  I thought it was so hard to sleep at night pregnant.
   I never have trouble sleeping with this pregnancy, unless my nose is clogged from my most recent sinus infection.  I haven’t found the perfect cure for pregnancy sinus issues yet!  I wish!
   So here I am at 33 weeks pregnant (and according to the general commenting public I have a humongous belly) with no back pain.  I think that’s awesome.

3.  Healthy eating
   I don’t just like food.  I LOVE food.  I like to read about it, cook it, serve it to other people, and of course, eat it myself.  I have made a concentrated effort to eat a balanced diet of healthy food with this pregnancy, and I think it’s paid off.  After all,  I have gained 10 less pounds than I usually do.

4.  Iron and Prenatal Vitamins
   Obviously, I’ve talked about this before.  With pregnancy anemia, this is of the utmost importance.  I still have three kids, a house, and a husband to take care of.  I can’t afford to be a lifeless lump in the recliner!

5.  Friends
  Sometimes I can be a homebody, but at the same time I have a serious need for social interaction.  Having friends doesn’t just make pregnancy happier and easier, it makes all of life happier and easier.

6.  And last but not least………ALAN.  Having Alan here has been huge.  Pregnancy isn’t something you want to do solo.  I love that Alan is an involved daddy.  There was one pregnancy where Alan had to do professional development three hours away, so we only saw him on weekends the entire third trimester.  That was so hard and made me appreciate him even more.
   Also, I love that Alan still loves me, even when I look like this:

Yeah…..and I thought I was wearing such a cute outfit until I saw this picture….
Quick Family Update:
  We have had three family members in the hospital, having surgeries this week.  As of now, two of them are still in the hospital.  Those two probably still have other surgeries to do in the coming weeks before they are completely better.  However, so far all of this weeks’ surgeries have gone well, to our knowledge, and we are THANKFUL for that.
  We love ya’ll and are praying for you!!  Here’s hoping everyone gets well, our house gets rented (we have no renters!), and life in general calms down in time for us all to have an enjoyable summer.
And word to the wise on that particular maternity band brand:  They run a bit small, in my opinion.  Before this pregnancy, I was a size six.  After 8 months of pregnancy, and 30 pounds later, I need a size Large band.  Okay, that’s all I have to say about that.  


  • Awesome!!! I've never even heard of a pregnancy belt!! What a wonderful, non-medicated way to relieve back/belly pain!! =) Also, my chiropractor takes all the (well deserved) credit for Thoene not being born breach!! He was breach until about 34 weeks. He was born at 38 weeks and my chiro said he gets full credit for the turn! Ha!! Gotta love the relief though!! =) =)

  • Wow, I didn't know chiropractic care could help with that, but I suppose if everything is lined up correctly, it would make it easier for the baby.

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