One of THOSE Mornings

  This turned out to be one of THOSE mornings.  You know, the kind where life hits you with both fists, and despite your desperate longing to find a hole to crawl into and hide, there is just no hole to be found….
  It all started out innocently enough.  I got one wake-up call in the night, from Joshua, who decided at 3am that he actually did want to sleep with a shirt on.  No problem.  I gave the boy a shirt and got back to bed.  I haven’t reached the point of pregnancy where I get up multiple times a night to pee, so I proceeded to sleep until morning.
  I dutifully got out of bed at 6am to begin my day, feeling sick from head to toe.  I have yet another bad cold (as does Dan), and I thought, “if I could just get some coffee, if I could just get some coffee.”
  I got downstairs only to discover that Alan was already using the coffee pot to make his coffee.  Drat. So I went ahead and packed the boys snack bags, and it’s a good thing b/c once the morning got going there was never time to do that again!
  I was very slowly trying to focus my swimmy, congestion filled head on packing snack bags, when Alan announced that he was probably going to be late again, like last night (7pm), and of course I prefer for him to be home by 6, when we eat dinner.  That just means another hour I have to handle Daniel alone.  Yes, he’s that rough.
  The kids all came down, everyone had breakfast, and all was well except for my desire to go back to bed.  I asked Joshua to keep an eye on Dan while I went up to shower, which he did enthusiastically.  (Lord, thank you for that boy).
  It was soon discovered that Daniel’s snot is now pouring green, rather than clear, but we are all still fever free at least, though I don’t feel like it on the inside.

  At some point, Joshua knocked on my door and gave me my phone and my pretty much empty cup of coffee, but it’s the thought that counts, and I thought that was the sweetest thing.
  But then Joshua discovered that none of his favorite clothes were clean and launched an offensive to try to not go to school today.
   It was such a hard fought battle to get Joshua ready for school today.  Ugh.  We usually are able to get out of here in a timely manner, without too much stress.  Today no one wanted to wear what I had for them to wear.  No one wanted to brush their teeth.  No one made their bed.
   It turned out that Joshua was dreading school because someone made fun of him at lunch yesterday, but he wouldn’t tell me what they made fun of him about.  He just said, “I didn’t even do anything!”
  I did feel bad for him.  We’ve all been there!
  I drove the boys to school, which I would’ve done anyway b/c I feel like death, but you can bet I had to fight another battle with Joshua about that!
  I talked to the boys about being made fun of, as well as making fun of others in the car.  Then I also explained to them that I do not expect my little boys to care about what they wear b/c “that’s for girls.”  Judge all you want, but I thought it was worth a shot.  I’ve never seen a boy stress out so much about what to wear.  I told them there are too many people in this family for them to get to wear their favorite clothes everyday because it is just not going to happen.
  (The real root of the problem here is that I packed away most of the clothes they are wanting to wear for season change.  But since this is the winter that won’t die, they kind of still need those clothes.  Ugh).
  So that’s my morning: failures, misery, and all!  Parenting is so stinkin’ hard sometimes.
  Not to mention, I discovered that Daniel had colored one of my nice dining room chairs up with marker during homework time yesterday.  I don’t know how I missed that.

  Oh, and there is no rest for the weary.  I have to go to yoga and to help with staff appreciation today b/c after the numerous times I’ve backed out of those activities  the last couple weeks due to all of mine and Daniel’s physical ailments, I simply cannot cancel yet again!

Lesson learned:
No more signing up for anything whatsoever for the next year that requires me to be anywhere I can’t be sick, with sick babies with me.  Because apparently that is my current situation for the foreseeable future.

   As I type, Daniel is crawling all over me, and I need to go upstairs and get ready to drag him to the school, where I’m sure he will be on his perfect gentlemanly two-year-old behavior.  (sarcasm)

The good news:  I took every single medication allowable for pregnant women to help me get through the rest of the morning, and I think the tylenol has kicked in a bit at least.  My head does feel a bit less like imploding.

Happy Trails!!!

******Update on my bad morning*********
  Okay, so of course, things weren’t quite as bad as they seemed.  The tylenol eased the pressure in my head so much that I am again a functioning person.  Phew!
   I actually put Dan in the stroller and walked us to the school because I believe that using energy gives your more energy, and I needed some energy!  I arrived at the school to help with staff appreciation breakfast cleanup, only to discover that I had the time wrong, and they’d already done it all without me.  Sad.
   Daniel and I came home and got ready for yoga and had a great yoga session, so I’m glad I didn’t cancel on account of my sinus head.  I told Monica (my yoga instructor) that I need to take pictures of myself doing these yoga poses this pregnant, just to prove that I really did do it!  Ha!  So Monica whipped out her camera and took a few photos.
  Like most women, I don’t love being photographed all big pregnant, but when I’m not pregnant those crazy pregnant pictures are like a badge of honor to look back on, especially when you have the watermelon belly, you know?
  So I swallow my pride now, accept that this is really what I look like, and I’ll have something to look back on later.

  At least I do not have twins in there, as I’m so often accused!  The other day Joshua said, “Just imagine what Xavier and Zoe’s mom must’ve looked like.  I’d really like to see that!”  LOL.  My sympathies to ALL mothers of multiples!  I cannot imagine!

  Now I have Dan down for a nap, which is great.  I have not a single bit of nose to breathe through, which is not so great, but I’m going to be optimistic about the rest of the day!


  • Anonymous

    April, we are so.very sorry you are sick again and having such a hard time. I so wish I could be there to help. We will have you high on our prayer list. Love, Nonna and DaddyO

  • Thanks, but ya'll don't worry too much about me. It's just sinus stuff, and some of it's my own fault for not getting to bed earlier. I know I'd feel better if I would get more rest! We are continuing to pray for ya'll as well and really really hope things get better for you!

  • I know exactly how you feel as I had also experienced morning sickness throughout my pregnancy. Generally a glass of lime juice was making me feel a lot better. Even you can try it. You can also go through this blog where they have given many more tips to deal with morning sickness

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