This One’s For All the Sickies

….and now when I say sickies, I mean literal sick and miserable people…..b/c that’s who I can relate to right now!!!

   When I am miserable I like to see light, happy things only, so that’s all you will find here today!

This is what I found when I came home from the doctor’s office tonight.  That’s Joshua and me in the picture.  : )

So sweet!

  So I finally went to the doctor today–urgent care–to try to get some help for my completely closed nose.  It was so closed up, I felt like I couldn’t breathe at all.  Doc gave me a prescription for a decongestant…..that turned out to be discontinued  : /…………but the nice pharmacist took the extra time to look up the ingredients and said it’d be just as well to just take Sudafed and stand in a hot steam shower for a while.  So I did both of those things.  I can finally breathe out of one side of my nose:  huge improvement, it really is!
   Now guess what.  Alan’s sick too.  Fever and body aches.  That’s a little different from my sickness, so just to be safe, I’m sleeping downstairs.  If I catch anything else, I will lose my mind entirely!
   Okay, back to light and happy thoughts:

That would be me, 33 weeks pregnant, doing yoga.  You are welcome for that laugh!  I think the Maternity support belt makes me look chubbier, but it’s worth it anyway.

I think that picture sums up my life perfectly!
We raisin’ this one right, ya’ll!  ; )

And last but not least, as you can see from the next video, my life hasn’t changed much over the last four years…..
Here’s Joshua at age 3:



  • Anonymous

    We are hoping and praying that everyone will get well soon. You still have your sense of humor and that's a good thing! I told Angela & Evan Manning you're definitely going to be raising four boys. I could see a sparkle in her eyes as she said she would gladly do it all again. Love to All, ~Daddy-O & Nonna

  • Anonymous

    Sweet notes from the boys. Glad you are one side better but hate that Alan is sick, even with fever! Take it easy and please post his condition tomorrow. Thanks. Love, Nonna

  • Anonymous

    Quite an impressive yoga pose! Love, Nonna

  • Anonymous

    I am super impressed at your yoga pose. Whoaa!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!!!! Amy

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