Have any of you noticed what a controversial word antibiotics has become?  What with all the super-bacteria popping up that we don’t have antibiotics strong enough to tackle, people are starting to run scared from “unnecessary” antibiotics.  The thought there is that if you take them too much, they won’t work when your body really needs them.

  When I was a kid, it seemed like we took them every time we got sick.  Nowadays, that couldn’t be further from the case.  My kids have each taken them only a handful of times in their whole life.  (The amoxicillin is still pink, and still tastes like bubble gum, though).  Dan was our first ear infection kid, (first one to get multiple ear infections, I mean) so he has even taken Augmentin, when the Amoxicillin wasn’t enough.

  But they are not easy to come by.  In some ways I agree with this.  I don’t want my children taking them all the time.   They don’t work for the common cold or any type of virus anyway.  In other ways, it can be highly frustrating, which was my experience this week.

  I know everyone’s tired of hearing me whine about my sinuses, as I have pretty much had one cold after another since January, so I’ll spare you the details.

  Short story:  After two nights of no sleep, thanks to my misery, I drove myself to the ER last night at 2:30am and begged  for antibiotics.

  I mean, there is a time to be cool and power through.  And there is a time to step all over your own pride and beg for help!!!

  I did reach that point…..and I now have a beautiful bottle of giant amoxicillin tablets sitting in my kitchen.
  Since the sinus problem has now moved down and built a house in lungs, I also got a super strong cough syrup, complete with codeine……..Codeine!?   It took an act of total self abasement to get my hands on some antibiotics, but they gave me codeine without me even asking for it??

  Of course, in order for the antibiotics to work, I have to actually have a bacterial infection, which we really don’t know if I do or not.  I just figured it was worth a shot!

  I’m not taking the codeine cough syrup.  Yes, my cough is bad, and my chest is tight, but I just don’t feel right about that one.  I filled it though, so we’ll have it if this horribleness hits when I’m not pregnant.

  I finally got some sleep today.  I’ve slept almost all day long.  Hallelujah!  I literally had not slept more than 2 hours since Wednesday.
  Alan woke up miraculously feeling better this morning.  Amazing.  He put away all the groceries I had purchased but run out of steam to put away.  He did some laundry, did the dishes, cloroxed the kitchen, and took all the boys to the Community Yard Sales of this morning.  He took the boys to Caleb’s last soccer game.  Then he even mowed the yard and trimmed the edges.  WOW.

  I could only dream of such productivity.  Man, I hate being sick.

  The boys are all doing well.  Daniel’s nose finally has stopped running, and he is zipping around here like the happy little wild man we love….oh but not right now.  Alan took all three boys to Supper Club. And I am going to muster up some energy and get a few chores done while they are gone, so I can again feel like a contributing member of this family!


  Caleb has been so excited all week that this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  He has told me that over and over again, and he hugs me and says, “I love you so much.”

  Joshua has been extra sweet too.  He told me the other day, “Where are the laundry baskets?  I wanted to carry them downstairs for you, so you could be so excited.”

  Alan seems most excited that since I won’t be cooking on Mother’s Day, we get to have pizza, and “Papa John’s has a 50% off special!!”  lol  Gotta love all my boys and their pizza.

Much love to our mothers!!  Wish we could see you and hug you right now!


  • Anonymous

    So glad you got meds. Also very glad Alan woke up feeling so well. Hope he didn't overdo too soon. He is such a good daddy. Those are such sweet thoughtful little men you two have. Of course, we already knew that! We are so blessed to have you as the mother of three of our grandsons. Happy Mothers Day! Love, Nonna and DaddyO

  • Thank you so much!! I think Alan may have overdone it today too. Hopefully, we'll get to take it easier tomorrow! Happy Mother's Day!

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