“Even a child is known by his doings…”

Bargain Wednesday:
3 boys’ shirts, 2 pairs of boys’ shorts, 1 pair of tennis shoes in new condition, 1 pair of roller skates, and 1.5 bags of Swim Diapers ………..ALL FOR $24…….Hurray!

  Daniel and I had a morning out on the town today.  He is such a great sidekick.  I love that when I go out with him, I get compliments on how well behaved he is.  Of course, that’s not too difficult with only one child.  It’s when you have two little boys, wrestling with each other in public, that’s when it gets hard!!  I guess I have a couple more years before I have to do that with ‘littles’ again.  

  First, we went to Game Stop, priced the used Nintendo DS’s (still overpriced, if you ask me), and bought the boys a used game they can play on the PSP.  It was to fulfill a promise I’d made to Joshua….

   Be careful what you promise.  They never forget a word you say, when it is to their benefit!
***Best Library Kid Award***
    After Game Stop, we went to the library and picked out 12 books, at varying levels and interests to cover the wide variety of children we are accumulating…  Even at the library, Dan was a hit.  There was one two-year-old in the back throwing a fit, another one that fell and then screamed and screamed, and then there was Daniel…..sweetly putting together a puzzle and then pushing around his stroller, nice and quiet, as usual.  : )   
   I won’t lie.  It sure was nice to be the one with the sweet toddler b/c I have been in all of those other situations as well!!  I used to leave Caleb at my parents’ house every time I took Joshua to the library, when Caleb was Daniel’s age.  ……and that’s why living near grandparents is a DO!  
**Bargain Shopping with Dan**
  After the library, and a quick stop at Burger King b/c Daniel kept saying “eat”, and I had no food….we donated some items to the thrift store and did a little shopping as well.  Daniel played with lots of different toys at the store while I shopped, but he didn’t ask for a single, solitary thing.  LOVE this boy!
**Book Recommendation**
  Alan’s been wanting me to read Shepherding a Child’s Heart , by Tedd Tripp, for a while now.  Unfortunately, I hardly ever read anything these days, so I just now got around to it.  I had read the first few chapters and hadn’t seen any earth shaking ideas, so I was rather surprised when I got deeper into the book and it turned out to be AWESOME.

ALL parents should read this book.  But don’t judge it by the first few chapters.  Those are good too, but the practical, application part, is in Part II of the book.

  I’ve had a lot of trouble with Joshua and his attitude lately, but thanks to this book, I have a solid, uncomplicated, plan on how to deal with it!  I may share more about this book in a future blog post.  It’s that good.

my thank you note from Caleb.  : )
The picture is a little blurry for you to see the great details Joshua put into this picture he drew in Art class.  Alan and I were impressed.  They had to draw an illustration based on a book they read.  As you can probably tell, the story did involve the character becoming a major news story.  Those are reporters set up on the lawn, as well as news cameras flying overhead.

…And this is Joshua’s space rocket, from the Cub Scout Space Derby.  He named it “Knuckles Story Hey” (He spelled Hey ‘ha’).  The character drawing is of Knuckles, a Sonic the Hedgehog character.
Speaking of the Space Derby, my friend Amy sent me a really good picture of Joshua, Xavier, and Jack at the Space Derby.  However, it’s not available to upload from iPhoto….which reminds me of a new computer thing I’ve learned!  I have to restart my computer to view newly downloaded photos.  Isn’t that weird?  But at least I know how to fix it now.  I’ll post that photo next time, I guess!
Oh!  And last but not least…..Alan’s cousin, Alyson, came for a visit, and we had a great time.  Don’t let her young face fool you, Alyson is also a proud mommy of two littles, and she’s a GREAT mommy at that.   Thanks for taking time out of your trip to visit with us, Alyson!!

 Caleb’s monkey, Monkey Monkey, came along for dinner.  He’s had that monkey since he was 1 1/2.  Nonna bought it for him at the Pine Mountain safari place.

 No idea what was going on here…..but Daniel is admittedly cute…..not my most photogenic moment though…ha

 hehe  We love those crazy little boys!

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    I didn't know about Monkey Monkey. I feel like a bad aunt! Nice drawing by Joshua! Daniel IS a sweetie. Funny you mentioned that book…I am getting a copy of that on Sunday from a lady at church. I've heard a lot of people rave about it! Amy

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