Carrying my Watermelon

How sweet is a 5-year-old, sleeping soundly, hugging his favorite toy?
(btw, Joshua and Caleb’s hands are so big now that the three of us shared gloves this winter.  I just made sure I bought very unisex gloves…)
   Alan took the day off today.  I’m really glad he did.  I have three weeks left until I give birth, and it was WONDERFUL to not have to take Daniel with me to the grocery store!!!  I tried to buy enough groceries to make it my last big grocery trip while pregnant.  You should see me, 8 months pregnant, pushing 2 buggies full of groceries through the grocery store.  
  At least this week I didn’t have to stop every 10 feet to talk to Daniel, help Daniel, pick up things Daniel had thrown in the floor, dig out Daniel’s cup, or open food for Daniel.  Phew!  He hung out with Daddy instead.
   I was proud of one of Daddy’s accomplishments this morning.  He did his own bargain shopping.  He bought the boys three brand new shirts, plus one shirt for Dan for only $13.  Joshua and Caleb have informed me that many of their shirts are too small now.  They are right.  They are “smalls” no longer.  : (  
Joshua and his pals, at the space derby last weekend
****Pregnancy Update****
  I now go to the doc every week, until my c-section.  Yesterday I had my GBS test.  Of course, in true April style, I tried to weasel my way out of it.  First, I informed them that since I’d tested positive 2/3 pregnancies, couldn’t we just call it positive as a precaution?  They weren’t impressed.
   Next, I felt it important to inform them that I was on my last day of antibiotics, so the results may not be correct really.  (Group B Strep bacteria comes and goes all the time, so while I may not have it now, that doesn’t really mean I won’t have it in a few weeks….but I guess that’s why they test at the end of the pregnancy. )  I suppose they actually DO know what they are doing.  I just didn’t want to take my skirt off.  : )  Oh, well.
    You should’ve seen Daniel, cozy under the sheet with me, sandwiched between his mommy and the bed rail.  He was as happy as a lark.  I assured him, “Don’t worry.  They’re not going to do anything to you.”
     He didn’t seem concerned.  Daniel is such a precious sidekick.
     So I met the doc who will do my c-section.  He’s your classic old man doctor.  I’m rather pleased that I’ve been assigned this experienced physician as opposed to some resident in training to do my surgery!!!  I feel pretty good about all this.  
     All of my vitals and David’s vitals checked out nicely.  BP:  114/72, weight:  I’ll pass on commenting…..My uterus measured 36cm (36 weeks), and they said since I was 35 weeks and 2 days that’s right on target.  Sounds like he’s getting a little big already to me….but no surprise there, eh?
     The doc also assured me they would throw out the morphine and give me a different medication for after the c-section, so no need to repeat my previous horrific experience with morphine.
  Oh!  And for anyone who comes to see me at the hospital, let me tell you about my lunch yesterday!  Dan and I ate there b/c I was starving, and the tuna salad sandwich and cheesecake was SO good.  Daniel especially enjoyed the cheesecake.  We give our local hospital cafeteria all gold stars.  : )
   Now I just have to survive the final 3 weeks of carrying around this watermelon in my belly.  Seriously.  I want you all to go to the grocery store, pick up a watermelon, of any size, and hold it for a minute.  Imagine yourself being expected to carry that watermelon around ALL day long, while simultaneously preparing three meals/day, carrying a 2 year old up and down stairs, chasing said 2 year old whenever he decides to make a run for it, vacuuming, de-cluttering, helping children with homework, and carrying laundry baskets up and down two flights of stairs.
  I’ll leave you with that thought.  I’m just thankful I spent so much of the last year exercising, making this the easiest I’ve ever had it in the last month.  It’s a lot easier to carry around that watermelon when you’ve built yourself some muscles!!!


  • Anonymous

    You couldn't talk that doctor into moving up your delivery date any? This means you will go 40 weeks and your babies are so big at 38 weeks! Does he know about your big deliveries 2 weeks early? Just wondering. So Joshua and Caleb are in 10-12 mediums now? Or are mediums 12-14? Anyway, they really are growing! That picture is so cute of Caleb with Woody. Love it… Nonna

  • Actually, the June 19 induction is at 39 weeks, and the size isn't as important to them with the c section. 39 weeks is the hospital policy. Mediums are 8/10s, usually. So far this baby feels a little more Joshua sized than Caleb sized, but only time will tell..

  • Anonymous

    That's right. I wasn't thinking about it being a c section. Glad you like your doctor. It is funny that Daniel got up there on the table with you! :). love, Nonna

  • Anonymous

    Great picture of Joshua with his friends…what a huge smile! Hang in there, with your watermelon! Your BP sounds great, and that's always good. And I'm sure you are in great shape living and working in a 3-story! That will surely pay off. Not much longer!!! I can hardly stand it! Amy

  • Anonymous

    hehe, I was reading about the boys shirt size and sitting here thinking how Madison (almost 11 yrs old) is still in a size 10/12 and Jacob (almost 12) has just outgrown a size 10/12! You have TALL children! Give them all hugs and kisses and tell them I love them! Amber

  • The are really tall, especially Caleb. They are kind of between sizes, you know? Most small's are too small, but some mediums are too big. It is a reminder of how big they are becoming! If I had a farm, I'd be set!

  • The funny thing is that I am in no hurry! With so many big bros, there are so many moving parts to consider to our birth plan! Plus we haven't even bought a carseat yet! Yikes!

  • Anonymous

    OK, I read all the posts and replies. But you lost me when you wrote “If I had a farm, I'd be set!” ??? ~Daddy-O

  • Ha! Yes, sorry about that. Where I was coming from on that was that they are getting so big, if I had a farm I'd be set, since farm dwellers tend to want to have lots of big, strapping boys to help on the farm. I should've done a better job of explaining that! : )

  • Anonymous

    haha, that confused me a little too! My kids are gonna be kinda short like me, although in another year they might be taller, Jacob already stands at the top of my forehead, they grow up too fast! 🙁 Amber

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