Our Epic Memorial Day Weekend

Joshua’s creation from this morning…an airplane FULL of passengers….

This is the very best, best, greatest, most wonderful kind of Saturday!  Everyone is home together.  There are no baseball games, no soccer games, no scouting events, and no commitments of any kind.

  Alan and I noticed a couple weeks ago that this is our only weekend before the baby arrives that fits that description, so we decided to protect it as our “last family weekend” before our world gets turned upside down!

   As I mentioned before, Alan took yesterday off.  Plus he gets Memorial Day off.  That makes this a seriously long weekend.  We could’ve even left town.  Of course, that’s not as much fun when your 35 1/2 weeks pregnant.  I’ve been reading in America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money about inexpensive ways to do a “home vacation.”  They mentioned mixing days to sleep in and chill at the house with days full of activities, to keep it feeling like vacation.

   We are trying to make ourselves live more thrifty.  After all, we are about to be a family of SIX!!  Then there was the whole buying a boat thing……so you might say we’ve done enough “discretionary spending” for 2013.  ; )

  So last night we took the boys to see the movie Epic, on opening night, only we went at 3:50pm.  All went surprisingly smoothly!  We even took Daniel, ya’ll!!!
   We bought a giant, refillable bucket of popcorn, and we took paper bowls with us to make for easy sharing.  We actually had to cash in on the free refill.  Our family of 5 went through two full buckets of popcorn!  We also discovered that Daniel loves soda……judge all you want, but he wouldn’t leave our cups alone.  We didn’t actually buy him a soda.  He just kept drinking ours!
    What was really cute was Daniel sitting on Joshua’s lap for a little while.  I was wishing I had a camera for that!  Dan really looks up to Joshua!
   Poor Alan.  The boys waited until the two most exciting moments of the movie (which was actually a pretty good movie!) to announce they needed to go to the bathroom.
   This was a highly family friendly, non scary, non controversial movie.  Even Caleb and Daniel were able to enjoy it.  Caleb didn’t even need to wear his noise muffling ear phones!

  After the movie we took the boys to Toys R Us and let them spend their money.  Joshua bought the Lego Batman movie, and Caleb bought a boxed set of Toy Story characters.  (I’m getting him Toy Story 3 and Bullseye for his birthday).   Daniel played with different balls all through the store but didn’t ask for anything.  Gotta love a good 2-year-old!

  It’s bothering Joshua that Caleb has all this money, and yet he prefers to spend it on toys rather than video games.  And yet, Joshua hasn’t stuck to saving for the DS3 he wants so badly either.  That money just burns a hole in his little pockets.


  We’re thinking about taking the whole family on a field trip to a theme park nearby.  It’s a theme park for little kids, so it doesn’t sound as intimidating as a place like Six Flags.  The thing about Alan and me is…..we’re hesitant to commit.  Therefore, we haven’t decided yet.

  We had thought we’d be spending this weekend doing some swimming….  Instead it is 57 degrees outside!  Alan said the Bible says that in the end times you won’t be able to tell the seasons apart….interesting…..

Daniel, wearing the headphones.  We bought those for Caleb last year, as he is very sensitive to loud events like ceremonies with cannons or movie theaters.  This was the very first movie (Epic) I’ve ever seen that 1.)  was not loud and 2.) had no inappropriate previews!   Hallelujah!
**Embarrassing/ Funny Moments with Kids***
  Funny things happen all the time, but when I go to write, my memory fails me!  One story I do remember from this week:
   I was at the playground after school, and I asked Daniel, in front of all the other moms, “Where’s the baby?”  I just wanted to see if he’d point to my belly…
   Instead, he started trying as hard as he could to lift my shirt so he could show everyone my actual belly.
   Everyone laughed, but I think I’ll not ask him that question anymore.  ; )


  • Anonymous

    Very creative loaded airplane! Great job Joshua! Sounds like a great weekend! Great to find a movie that fit everyone. Amazing to find one with family friendly previews. I'm sure the popcorn was a huge hit. Love, Nonna

  • Anonymous

    I can empathize with Joshua…Alan always had a ton of cash and never spent it. So frustrating. AMY

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