Last Month of Pregnancy Survival Kit

There should be a last month of pregnancy survival kit!  
  Not only that, there should also be a postpartum survival kit!!
  So I’m designing them.  Now picturing them all nicely put together would require me to walk all over my house to collect the items from various locations, and quite frankly my daily energy ration is already spent.
The Last Month Survival Kit

1.  Benadryl
     Take one each night, or it WILL be 1-2 am before you can fall asleep.  For some this may be b/c of jitters, for others discomfort may be the problem, for me it’s the pregnancy sinus problem, making Benadryl the perfect cure.

2.  Iron
   Take as directed by your doctor.  I personally have to take a normal person’s dose, three times/day, rather than just the once.  If only I could always remember!

3.  Recliner with side table
   feet up, cozy blanket, all is well…

4.  the biggest cup they make….b/c the thirst factor is off the charts!

5.  For summer:  maternity dresses.   ……Warning:  You will not look that good in the dress those last few weeks….

6.  Gym shorts, Jogging pants, flip-flops, tank tops, maternity t-shirts……you get the idea.

7.  Caller ID.  If you’re super tired, the last thing you need is a telemarketer to deal with.  I ignored 2 calls with this today:  one from “Charity” and one from “Verizon.”  No, thank you!

8.  Slow cooker and slow cooker recipes.  The easier the better.  Double all recipes and freeze the leftovers for the postpartum survival kit.


Postpartum Survival Kit
(basically my shopping list)

1.  No one tells you this, but when you return home you will need: Kotex (no escaping that), Tucks Pads (unless you have a c-section or if you’re one of those lucky ones who can pop out a baby without tearing),  Lansinoh cream, and Lansinoh breast pads.

  For a lot of things you can go generic, but this is NOT one of them.  Especially if you’re leaving the house.  Go generic at home or when you’re sleeping and don’t mind waking up with a wet shirt, I guess.  I personally don’t need another single reason to wake up.  You gotta get the good stuff.

2.  Did I mention Lansinoh cream?  It bears repeating.  I’ve heard horror stories of bleeding mommies.  Breastfeeding is painful enough without that.  This cream is a life saver.

3.  Ice Packs……again, unless you’re one of those lucky women….

4.  Iron as prescribed.  It always takes me a while before I’m over the anemia.

5.  HELPERS.  Maybe you can do it alone, but why?  Why would you?

6.  There is no such thing as too many nursing bras.

7.  A helper that keeps up with your medication schedule for you!!!

8.  A freezer stocked with convenience food.  It may not be your family’s healthiest month, but it’s a lot cheaper than your husband ordering pizza and such for every meal.  Newborns aren’t born with a fist full of cash in their hands…..

9.  Instructions for your family.  Alan suggested this the other day.  It stresses me out to be bedridden, fuzzy headed, and be asked to make decisions.  Alan suggested that I simply make a list of meals available in the freezer/kitchen, as well as a grocery list.  That way no one will need to ask me a bunch of questions, and everyone will know what to do.  Thankfully, Alan will be off work to handle the grocery shopping!  My mom will probably get stuck with a lot of the cooking and the chores (sorry Mom)!

10.  a boppy.  I’m so excited.  My friend Monica gave me a brand new one, plus I still have my, slightly questionable (it’s been through a LOT already) old one.  Sooooo I can have one upstairs and one downstairs!  Genius!  And now I’m liking that boppy cover in the picture, b/c it matches our monkey nursery…… hmm….

11.  Nursing cover

      My mom got me a couple of these when Daniel was born, and they really are so much easier to use than a blanket!
12.  Recliner
     Have I mentioned I like recliners?  So cozy!!  They double as a bed, rocking chair, really, what’s not to love??

13.  Go ahead and line up 3 of those big cups, right beside your bed/chair/whatever, that I mentioned before.  Nursing thirst is no joke.


  Ya’ll, I am SO SLEEPY.  I didn’t figure out that Benadryl would solve my problems until 2am last night, but that will now become part of my routine.  

Sleepy or not, I still managed to take Daniel to the playground, cook dinner and an apple cake for Alan, wash clothes, do the dishes, and walk the children to school, so I haven’t completely quit life.   I just hope I manage to complete the rest of my chores…..

A little Dan to brighten your day…..
Did any of the chips actually make it into him!!??  This is what he was doing while I was cooking dinner and dessert at 10am.

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