Caleb’s Pretend Birthday

Happy Pretend Birthday, Caleb!  ; )
In addition to being Caleb’s pretend birthday, Friday was also his kindergarten program.  He did great.  He has conquered the stage fright that used to have him sitting on the stairs, hiding behind the other singing children, at past Patch the Pirate Club performances at church!

  Friday was seriously ALL about Caleb.  It was his birthday, his pretend birthday.  Yes, I am aware that I had Caleb in June, 6 years ago.  The thing is somewhere between now and June 19, yet another little boy will be arriving, and we wanted to make sure Caleb got all the attention he was due, having a birthday that was all about him.
    Once the c-section happens, I’m sure I would not be able to handle a birthday party right away.  Plus, the closer it gets to show time, the more…..handicapped I become, so we figured the sooner the better!
   Of course, Caleb has assured us that he still wants us to present this new baby to him with a bow on his head (a gift bow, not a hair bow), since this baby is one of his birthday presents.  haaaaahahahaha!  Well, why not?  I’m sure John David will look adorable that way.

  As mentioned before, Caleb has lots of friends, and I hated that we couldn’t just invite every single one of them….but the party was pretty chaotic as it was, and I think he only had 10 or so guests.  I just had him make a list of friends to invite, and that’s what we did.  Here are a few photos from the soiree:

 Why I didn’t last as a school teacher:  10 little boys screaming, “I want a pig piece, I want a pig piece,” did put me a bit on edge….  My apologies….

 I love the look of joy on Caleb’s face in this picture, and I promise I wasn’t threatening anyone with my lighter….I’m just a hand talker…..

 Thank you to all of Caleb’s friends, who thoroughly showered him with presents.  He has been on cloud 9 all weekend.

  ******And a few more photos from the Kindergarten program*******

 Daniel enjoyed his role as audience member, even though we were on the very back row.

 Yes, Caleb is still the man of 1,000 faces.

***Caleb will probably be in Alabama on his actual birthday, so he got his gifts from us, as well as his gift from Joshua.  We bought him Toy Story 3 and Bullseye (the horse from that movie).  Joshua got him a Skylanders lego set.***

 So far, Daniel plays with Bullseye a lot more than Caleb does.


Okay, so I bought Daniel a little toy buggy (shopping cart) for $12, and it came with all these boxes of toy food in it.  Daniel opened up the bag of “food” and insisted I put the pretend box of waffles in the freezer right away.  Cute.

As soon as we got home from Caleb’s birthday party, Joshua put together this Lego Chima animal for Caleb.  Thank you, Xavier and Zoe!

  We call that our dining room table, but we also call it the Lego room.  It’s also the coloring table for Daniel, the game table for Caleb, the homework table for all, and the breakfast table for little boys who like to watch cartoons while they eat breakfast.  Who knew the formal dining room would be one of the most used rooms in our house!?
  Today I had my baby shower, given to me by the ladies of my neighborhood.  Sally hosted it at her house, but they had all brought food.  It was so much fun.  I was taking pictures…..until my camera battery died.  Monica (yoga instructor Monica) was so sweet to take pics on her iPhone and email them to me.  Thank you, Monica!
   The ladies here have just all been so sweet.  You wouldn’t believe all the generous gifts they showered me with!
   Pictures of all of that to come on the next post!  Tonight I get the very exciting job of going through all of my loot and getting it all ready in J.D.’s room!  I can’t believe we’re really only 2 weeks out now.  I mean wow, wow, wow, we are close!!!!
   My friend Abby was so sweet as to even put together a pail for each of our boys to be given to them when the baby arrives!  
  God has blessed us so much.  I feel as though He has put us in this house, in this very 1970s neighborhood, at just this time for so many reasons.  We are enjoying just living where we do so much. God knew that now that our boys are getting older, and new boys arriving constantly (ha!), we would need a good, solid, peaceful, healthy nest to raise them in.  
   Everything about this community is so family friendly.  I think the runaway Caleb  incident was a great example of that.  He didn’t really run away–he just thought he would go ahead and walk to school, and we would catch up at the playground on the way.  Meanwhile, he did not bother to tell me this plan, so I just went outside and found……no Caleb.  When something happens with the boys, there are SO MANY people all around here who know exactly who my boys are, and will step in and help.       
      Thank you to Heather, for calling me and relieving my fears and keeping Caleb until I could arrive to apprehend him!
     Do you know what he said when I finally got him?  “But I looked both ways before I crossed all the streets.”
    Well, yes, that is good, Caleb, but you gave me about 10 gray hairs in the process!
  And so now baby #2 is six years old…..well sort of…..he’s almost six anyway!  I am very proud of the little man that he is.  I’ve never seen someone so sweet and trusting.  Every week we give the boys an allowance.  They do chores for it, and we are hoping this will foster money management skills.  This morning Caleb gave both this week’s and last week’s allowance to church, “to help other people learn about Jesus.”  
   He’s also a champion of underdogs.  If anyone gets picked on unfairly, you can believe Caleb will champion their cause.  He has that sort of empathy that I’m not sure can be taught.  
   Now don’t get me wrong, Caleb likes to make some mischief, and he is not your toe-the-line, stay- out- of -trouble student.  But he’s so ridiculously kind-hearted, and I think that’s better than all the good behavior grades in the world.  (But seriously, Caleb, please sit still and listen to your teacher in class!  Teachers have feelings and need order too!!!)
    Hope you all have a great week.  Here’s a little Caleb art, a picture he drew in Sunday School this morning:
That’s ‘Luigi’ Caleb in green, “thinking about a map”, and that’s his church friend, ‘Mario’ Charlie, in red.


  • Anonymous

    I was working myself into a conniption fit when I saw the box of non-Eggo waffles! Luckily I read on and saw they were not real. My heart rate is starting to coming back down now. ~Daddy-O

  • Anonymous

    Only. 16 days!!! Lots of great candid shots! Sounds like Caleb is enjoying this whole “giving” thing…so sweet 🙂 HaHa Daddy! Amy

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