My Very Last Baby Shower

               Betsy, Elisabeth, and Margret at my baby shower on Sunday
   As I was walking Joshua home from his very first day of kindergarten last year, I happened upon a smiling, thin mother of four named Cassie.  She was so sweet as to introduce herself (turns out she lives only 3-4 houses down from me) and invite me over to sit with the other moms at the park.  She said they gather there all the time after school, while their kids play.
   I always pray when I move somewhere new that I will make plenty of good friends right away, as I think it makes a huge difference in quality of life!!
   So that’s how I met the group that has come to be known as the “Park Moms.”
   When I met them, Daniel was a six-month-old in a jogging stroller, Caleb was my preschooler, and Joshua was just entering the world of elementary school.  I was able to leisurely sit on the park benches (which are actually these awfully hard concrete structures) while J & C played and Daniel charmed the ladies and sipped on milk.  : )  Ah, those were the days.
    These days I seem to miss a lot of the latest news, as I spend much of the time chasing (more like following slowly) Daniel through the park, with my ginormous belly.  ; )
    Now these ladies were all there when I announced this as my fourth and final boy, and even though they knew I was certainly not expecting a shower, they were so sweet to do this for me anyway!  It was at Sally’s house, and I don’t even know who all helped, but thank you so so much!  I loved it!  And thank you so much to Sally, for opening her lovely home!
   A few pictures: 
 Katerina’s mom, Tanya, and Katerina
 Katerina, fellow mom of three littles, and myself
 Amy and me.  Once in a while you are so fortunate to find neighbors that make great friends!  We’re so thankful to call Sean and Amy our neighbors.
Catherine, Margret, me and Leigh Ann
My fellow 1st grade mom friends!
 Sally, the hostess, and Cassie, the first Park Mom that I met!
 me and Jennifer
Susie, Elisabeth, Betsy, and Amy
  My fabulous friends, Leigh Ann and Monica, were so sweet to load the car with all these baby things, so the giant pregnant lady didn’t have to do it.  Then Leigh Ann and Amy unloaded them all, and finally Alan carried them all upstairs.
John David’s closet Before:
How have I had three babies already and only have nine outfits and a pool cover for sizes newborn through 3 months!?  I don’t know, but thankfully, this is the after:
So exciting!
And this picture, of all my shower gifts, is kind of amazing.  Actually, not ALL my shower gifts.  Daniel snatched up the baby swimsuit, convinced it was his, and it hasn’t made it to J.D.’s room yet!
I have some seriously generous friends.
Thank you!!
  So I’m sort of back to square one on getting the baby’s room ready!!   There’s something ridiculously fun about getting into all this baby gear!
…And I thought these pictures with Daniel were so sweet:

He does have this fascination with my belly right now.  I bet he’ll be a sweet big brother.


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