Can I be done now??

  As of today, I have 14 days left of being pregnant.  The average baby at this point weighs 7 lbs.  I figure that means that my baby weighs 8…..just going off past experience and the opinion of the general public, who all seem to think I’m the largest pregnant woman that ever walked.
  I couldn’t remember at what point it is that you reach the feeling of complete misery, where it’s hard to even get out of your chair, bend over, walk 2 feet, etc, etc.
   For me that point was yesterday.  Week 37.  The very end is here, and it is….not pleasant.  Pelvic Pressure.  Achy back.  Achy belly.  Oh, and I just fell asleep writing this.
funny…..and relatable  : )  (She doesn’t actually look like a pregnant person, though.)
   When the bottom part of my belly peaks out of my shirts, I don’t even care anymore.  If it bothers anyone, my best advice to them is to not look at me.  After four babies in 7.5 years, I am so finished caring about that.
   I have one swimsuit that pretty much covers my watermelon baby, and I am fully aware that when I wear this swimsuit I am accepting my role as public spectacle.  There are downsides to the neighborhood pool….  Every time I meet someone new around here, they say, “Oh!  I’ve seen you!  At the pool, with your belly!”  
    Yep.  That’s me.   Because here’s the thing.  I can’t just quit life and chill in my chair.  There are three boys counting on me still.  None of them should have to miss out on the pool just because Mommy is pregnant again…
  There have been a couple scares, though that are ushering me into my next phase of life:  independence failure.
   Two times now Daniel has gotten away from me at the pool, and catching him wasn’t easy.  The first time, he made a run for the diving area.  Unfortunately, he did this in front of mothers that I actually don’t know, and none of them got out of their lounging chairs to help me catch him, so there I was, 9 months pregnant, running on a wet pool deck after a running toddler.  Not our best moment.  (This freaks people out sometimes to see me run.  Many sweet souls have even used the word “impressed” when referring to my quick jump up and run reflex.  But it’s not like if I’d tried that with some of my past pregnancies.  Remember, I did run 2 miles several times/ week for the first 5 months of this pregnancy.  Then I did cardio/strength training as well as yoga, so I am really no beached whale.  ; )  )
    Yesterday he got away again, only this time he was quickly apprehended by the shallow end by Lee, one of the Park Moms.  Lee is actually a Park Grandma, and boy was she a life saver yesterday!
    I am going to make no further attempts to take all three of my boys to the pool unassisted this summer.  I’m handicapped now, and I will be even further handicapped when they do the c-section.  I might recover well this summer, but we’re also adding a newborn to this picture.  I would say my solo pool days are over.
    I picked up the paperwork yesterday for a “nanny pass” for the pool.  Now if I can just convince someone to be our very part-time Nanny….  I’m hoping my friend Sherry’s daughter, Megan, will be able to do it, but I need to check schedules with her.
   There are still so many things to do.  The literature on the subject all says that at this point I should have my bag packed, the baby’s bag packed, and the car seat installed….  I have none of those things.  I don’t feel too stressed about that either.  I’ve never delivered before 38.5- 39 weeks before, so I don’t have any grand delusions of starting now.
   I really just have to make it on my own about 5 more days, until my parents arrive to help with the boys.  (Not really on my own.  Alan has been doing a GREAT job of picking up the slack!)  And of course, we have something on the calendar almost every single one of those days.  Life slows down for nothing, not even sweet little arriving- soon John David.
my horrible job of a self-portrait….37 weeks.  
Flashback Fun:
third trimester (7 or 8 months) with Joshua
I was 24 years old and 39 weeks pregnant with my first baby, Joshua.
Joshua was 8 lb 8oz.  
At that point, I weighed about 6 pounds more than I weigh right now.
sweet little newborn Joshua, calmest baby ever
He was the kind of newborn you took everywhere with you, and he just happily slept in his carrier.  Unfortunately, we were too new to parenting to know what a great thing we had….  Caleb changed all that.
5 months pregnant with Caleb
6-7 months pregnant with Caleb
(Joshua’s first Easter basket)
very, very pregnant with Caleb, but I don’t remember exactly!
My weight was exactly the same with that pregnancy as it is with this one during most of the third trimester, but I gained 10 lbs less this time….I just started heavier.
Caleb was induced at 38.5 weeks:  9 lb 9 oz.
I only know of one 9 month pregnant photo taken of me from that pregnancy, and that was at Amy’s wedding.  I seem to have lost it though. : (
newborn Caleb with Mommy
This one has always really amazed me.  That doesn’t even look real.  No wonder people look at me the way they do!  
38.5 weeks pregnant with Daniel
I was 30 and weighed 17 pounds more than I weigh right now.
Daniel was 9 lb 4 oz and only 20.5 inches.
Just look at how BIG that looks
  The ladies at my shower made guesses and wrote them all on a big poster board as to how big this baby will be.  That day, I was feeling light and happy and went low.  Today……I’m thinking more like 9 lb 13 oz…..or…….going all the way to 39 weeks, could this be my first full 10 pounder!?  Glad it’s a c-section!  You know, my little brother, Allen, was 10 lb 13oz.  He was two weeks late, though.
   My lower back is killing me from digging through all those old photo albums to find these pictures, but I’m off to work on the nursery.  : )


  • Anonymous

    Bless your heart. Your brother was actually 10 lb 7oz, big enough though. You look great! Just hang in there, we will be there in a few days. Love, Mom

  • Anonymous

    So glad your parents will be there soon. Sorry we can't be. I know it took great effort to pull out those pictures but they were great. You look so much better this pregnancy! It is obvious you have been staying in shape. I can't believe none of those mothers got up to chase Daniel at the deep end! Shame on them. I remember how relieved I felt when Alan was born so we had one of each as planned and I didn't HAVE to do it again! I hope you get that same good feeling after delivery because you will so deserve it! Four beautiful perfect little boys! Just stay in the recliner as much as possible and keep the posts coming. Love you. Nonna

  • oops! Sorry!! Looking forward to seeing ya'll!

  • Thank you, thank you! You are in our thoughts and prayers, and we will keep you well updated when anything happens!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness I can't stop laughing at the first parts of this post. You are so hilarious. Love all the comparison pictures…I'll try to email you the one from our wedding. Not too much longer!!! Amy

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