Feeling Positive

A cheerful heart is good medicine.  Proverbs 17:22

That’s actually me in 2005, pregnant with Joshua.  : )

   I’m in an awfully good mood today.  Can you guess why?

  My cleaning lady started today.  Her name is Betty, and she knows how to use my fancy pants Kirby vacuum cleaner better than anything I’ve ever seen!  My house smells like lemons, there is nothing in the floor, there are no tiny finger prints–and NO tongue lickings– on the mirrors, and all I had to do was de-clutter a bit and wash clothes.  

  Why do little boys think it’s fun to lick mirrors and glass doors?  I don’t get that.

   Betty asked me, “You have three kids, and pregnant, and it’s just you and your husband doing all of this (housekeeping)?!?”   Sigh, yes.  But not today!  : )

****Pregnancy Update****
Walking now gives me some serious contractions.  They go away when I sit down and rest though.  : (

I have no doctor appointment this week, this clinic is pretty laid back..  I see the midwife again next Friday, the 14th.  Weird.  Usually you go every week at this point.


Bargain Baby:  Daniel is pleased with his new things.  A neighbor gave us the very nice playhouse for FREE.  Alan bought the picnic table at a yard sale, for a steal of a price….I just don’t remember how much.  That picnic table has come in handy already.

***Please continue to pray for Alan’s mom.  She’s at home, but she’s not feeling well.***

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  • Anonymous

    Such a cute playhouse! Even has a mailbox and doesn't look girlie at all! I am so thankful that you found Betty. I really hope she works out. That will take such a load off of you! I know Alan helps but even he will appreciate Betty. It would be great if you could carry your iPad to the hospital so David and I could see John David on FaceTime. We will try to mail the john letters tomorrow. Love, Nonna and DaddyO

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