Writing Day

art work from Caleb’s Journal
  This was an exciting week at school for our little boys.  They are STILL in school until June 18!  Yes, that’s the day before my c-section.
   Monday was half-day, as usual.  Tuesday was Caleb’s “Reading and Writing Day” and Joshua’s Walkathon….more on that in a minute.
    First, let’s talk about reading and writing day!
    It’s a cute thing that they do, really.  Parents come in and look through all the journals (each child completes about 6 journals during the school year) their child has done that year, and then you get to take all their work home with you.
    Caleb’s Reading and Writing Day….was quite the challenge.  Of course, I had my faithful sidekick, 2 year old Dan, with me– fresh from a nap, no less.  They had sent home a paper asking for volunteers to also read with kids that had parents that did not attend Reading and Writing Day.  
    I very wisely decided that while I did feel bad for those kindergarteners, there was no way I could handle 2 kindergarteners, all their journals, AND Daniel.
…..Caleb’s teacher thought otherwise I guess, because they gave me an extra kid.  
   : /
     In a state of total dismay, I thought, “Oh well, if I complained, poor little James may feel rejected, so I’d better just do my best to manage this situation!”
    They let you take the kids to other rooms or stay in the classroom.  They suggested the “Learning Garden.”  I thought that was the courtyard where I drop the boys off in the morning, and I knew that would never work because Dan would run out into the parking lot.  (Turns out I was wrong.  The Learning Garden is completely closed in and would have been perfect.)
    I gave Daniel a bucket of magnets to play with.  I thought that would work while I read with the boys.  That worked for 2 minutes.  Then Caleb hopped up and played magnets with Daniel.  It was a painful 20 minutes that involved Daniel spending lots of time at the water fountain, Caleb being crazy, happy, wiggly, jump-up-and down Caleb, and the ONLY child that behaved was of course…..little James, who faithfully showed me his journals.
   I left that room, with Daniel (wet from the water fountain and fussing about being put back in the stroller) feeling like crawling under a rock.  I hate feeling like I have no control over my own children, and it was definitely one of those moments.  Awful.  Elementary School is definitely not ready for Daniel.
   On a happier note, Caleb’s journals were all really cute.  You can tell he really loves his mommy.    I could also see where his teacher would be concerned about his writing ability.  He copies from the board like a pro.  But ask him to write “freestyle”, and Caleb folds up and whines like you’ve asked him to recite the multiplication tables.  
   They do a lot of writing at their school, so I’m going to have to work on this a LOT with Caleb this summer.
   It was fun to see his work.  When he has to write freestyle, he just uses “yo-yos” for everything….because that’s a word he knows how to spell..  Caleb doesn’t like to guess at spelling.  He likes to just stick to what he knows.
 SO if you practice writing with him this summer while he’s in Alabama, please do not sweat misspelled words–encourage them even.  The goal here is to just get Caleb to try to spell words phonetically.  This came naturally to Joshua, but those two have totally different personalities!
Here are pics of some of my favorites of Caleb’s works:

He drew this globe for his Earth Day entry.
He drew this when they learned about ants.  This is the inside of an anthill.
His friend Nicholas B. taught him how to spell butt…..thank you, Nicholas *sarcasm*.

 “Over Memorial Weekend I yo-yos on the boat.”

I was excited that he did write “on the boat.”  Apparently, he thinks he’s being real funny with the “yo-yo” bit.  My boys think being funny is really important….

 “The American flag 50 stars for 50 states”
 I do LOVE how sweet and happy his drawings are.  This is our whole family, and I love the butterflies.

 Betsy Ross……hitting the bottle??  lol
 self-portrait from the beginning of the year……This cracked Conner’s dad up so much that he took a photo of it on the school wall and emailed it to us from his iPhone.
You can’t argue it:  Caleb is a true original.  : )

 “President Obama,!?  Alleleellelalala”  translated to “Thank you for saving the world.”……What are they teaching these kids!?

 St. Patrick’s Day
 The boy does love his momma, and of course I do rather enjoy that.  : )  And look!  He tried to spell lunch!  Yay!!!

Too Cute!!
   Caleb is adorable.  He has enough personality for several children, really.  These last few weeks of school must be torture for his teachers.  That boy is so happy and excited.  I’ve gotten so many notes…..
****Walk a Thon****
   Joshua’s class participated on Tuesday, and Caleb’s class did Wednesday.  This is a fund raiser where the children collect pledges to earn money for a new playground.  We’re supposed to pledge how much money we will donate per lap that they walk.  
   Money isn’t something we have a ton of extra of since we had to pay for two houses in May, plus some other unusual expenses, so we didn’t actually donate anything.
    THANKFULLY, we do have a renter now for our house, so that’s taken care of.  We only had to go 1.5 months without a renter.  Hallelujah!
     Leigh Ann helped with the event.  She said that in Joshua’s class, Jack did 11 laps–3 miles, and Joshua did 10 laps, which equaled well over 2 miles, but I don’t remember exactly how much.  She said that was a lot compared to all the other children.  
    I was so proud of Joshua!!
  Caleb did 6 laps, but to be fair, he’s younger and does not enjoy walking and running the way that Joshua does.
  I’ve talked to Joshua about making track his sport since running and being fast is an obvious strength for him.  He said it’d be fun, but not really because Jack always wins.
   That’s just the thing in life though.  No matter how good you are at something, you will eventually meet someone who is better.  
   I still think Joshua has a serious talent there, though.  Alan said he’s way faster, with more endurance than the other kids on the baseball team.
  I don’t know if Joshua will ever play baseball again.  A kid on his team started making fun of him at that last game, and that was a new, very unpleasant experience for our little Jman, who already disliked baseball, what with all the striking out.  : (
  Sometimes I just want to hug, and hug, and hug Joshua.  He has so entered the next age phase where you encounter a lot more mean-ness and real world STUFF.  …..The thing is the boy won’t let me hug and hug and hug him!  I still think he likes it though.  He just seems to think he has to act tough.  Ya’ll be sure to hug him plenty.  Life is hard!
*****Joshua’s Reading and Writing Day*****
  I was a little smarter at Joshua’s Writing Day.  I absolutely refused to let Daniel out of his stroller, and I let Joshua just entertain Dan while I read Joshua’s journals.  Also, Joshua is a little less……flighty, so he did stay in one place, and it was much much easier!
Here are a few samples:
Each student wrote a biography of another student.  Jack wrote Joshua’s:

Joshua’s teacher, who really seems to like Joshua, said that they really had trouble getting Joshua to declare what he wanted to be when he grows up.  She said he just kept saying, “I just want to be a regular guy.”  lol

 That’s Daniel’s baby cheek and eyelashes invading the picture.

 I asked Joshua when cousins had come over.  He said, “Don’t you remember!  Alyson!??”  I love how excited the boys get when we have visitors.

 I like how he even draws what people are thinking.  He’d make such a good little comic strip artist.  I actually just checked out Charlie Brown from the library, and we read it together tonight.  They loved Snoopy and his pretend war, and they love how often Charles Schultz used “stupid” as an adjective…..so if there’s an up tick in the use of that word at my house I suppose I have only myself to blame.  They literally laughed every time anyone said “stupid”….”stupid song”, “stupid blanket,” you get the idea.

   Only 10 more days until the baby arrives!  My parents are arriving by Monday.  I will be at 38 weeks on Wednesday.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the boys' artwork. Both Caleb and Joshua have gotten a lot better. I can identify with Joshua at baseball. I was always the last chosen player, always played right field, always struck out, etc. The coach and other players would say “keep your eye on the ball”. I wanted to say, “I can see the ball fine, I just can't hit the ball with the bat”. I have never had good hand-eye co-ordination, so I can't even catch a pop-up fly. I don't mean to be a whiner, just a realist. ~Daddy-O

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