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    Today I was at the Walmart check-out line, beginning to consider buying a Kit-Kat bar…..when suddenly I heard from behind me, “Excuse me.  Are you having twins?”
    : /
    I turned around to see a little old lady, and there was really no where to run and hide, and yet my ability to smile at such suggestions has just left me completely.  I told her, with no smile whatsoever, “No.  I am just at the very end.”  Then I turned around, hoping that would be the end of it, but of course it wasn’t.
    I am officially tired of talking about my belly now.  I think I’ll just hide in my room until my c-section next week.
   I didn’t buy the Kit Kat.
  Tonight, Alan surprised us each with a chocolate treat.  There’s a chocolatier near where he works that makes chocolates in all sorts of molds.  Occasionally,  Alan will bring us home things like chocolate baseball mitts and baby rattles.
   Alan gave Daniel a chocolate airplane, the boys chocolate basketball goals, me a princess, and then he said to my dad, “Sorry, Dad, they didn’t have any trolls.”  baaaahahaha.  Don’t worry.  My dad has a good sense of humor.
    He got my parents chocolate landmarks.
  Tonight I told Mom that I would take Joshua upstairs to start his shower first, since we’d already put Dan to bed, and Joshua is the quieter one……sometimes I mistakenly forget that all of our children are ALWAYS listening, ESPECIALLY if we are not talking to them.
    Caleb piped up, “What!?  Joshua’s the quiet one?  I’m loud?  Joshua’s quieter than me!  Seriously?”
    (Um, well, YEAH.) I couldn’t help but laugh, and I’m really not sure what else I said….
They were so sweet.  DANIEL even found Waldo first on one page.  Impressive!
  Daniel was cuddling in my lap today, and I was explaining to him how the baby would come out soon.  I pointed the bassinet out to him as the baby’s bed and told him he would be the baby’s big brother, just like Joshua and Caleb.  Daniel listened intently.
  Then he took his sippy cup of milk and tried to feed it to my belly.
   6 more days!  I’m just tickled pink that I will be delivering this baby at a smaller pregnancy weight than ever before, even Joshua, when I was only 24 years old.  But perhaps I should stop rewarding myself with KitKat bars.  Man, those things are GOOD!
   This was a quiet uterus day, no very painful contractions, only a few mild ones.  I’m glad I have that c-section scheduled, or I’d be worried this baby was getting a little too comfortable!
Serious Accomplishment of the Day:
   wrote ALL my thank you notes!!!!!!!  I even got MOST of them delivered.  Now if I can just find the notes we did for Caleb’s bday party, that’d be really good.  Why am I always losing things?



  • Anonymous

    GREAT picture of the boys with your dad! I agree, kit kats are GOOD. Shame on that woman! Amy

  • Anonymous

    I agree…excellent picture all in the chair together. I know Terry is having a great time! Alan, pick up a kit Kat for the girl. She deserves it at this point. By the way, can Joshua and Caleb swim safely? Just wondering for when they come visit. Oh, Caleb's present came and it is so cute! David and I will be up early with you Wed. Morning waiting on our call. Love you all and take it easy with your parents there to help. Nonna and DaddyO

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