My LAST doctor visit

  Today was my very last doctor visit of this pregnancy.  Wow!
  I am 38 weeks and 2 days.
  So you may be wondering if I had dilated, effaced, etc.  The answer is….I don’t know.  No one checked me.  I guess it’s different when you’re having a c-section.
  I left the house at 8:20 this morning, and I just now got home at 4:15.
  My blood pressure and heart rate were so high this morning that they retook it a few times and then decided to send me up to labor and delivery and make me stay for testing and observation.  (145/88 and heart rate in the 120s)  Weird.  I never have blood pressure issues.
  So three hours, a blood test, a urine test, a non-stress test, and an ultrasound later, I finally got to leave.
  By the time I left all was normal.  Just a weird morning.

  We got to look at the baby, so that was a bonus.  He’s doing great.  He has half the amount of amniotic fluid that Daniel did at this point.  Dan was swimming in 20, and J.D. is swimming in 11.  Don’t ask me what unit of measurement they use for that b/c I have no idea.
  The baby is big.  My belly still measures right on schedule, but the baby does seem to be large–no great surprise there.
   The baby still doesn’t like to show us his boy parts.  The doc doing the ultrasound asked us, “What is this— a he, a she, or an it!?”  I just groaned.  We (Alan had arrived by that point) told him that this is supposed to be a boy.  We did have that one day where we saw a scrotum, so I just remind myself of that.
   3/4 guesses have been that this is a boy though… you have my track record of having BOYS, so that is still what we are expecting.

  After the appointment that wouldn’t end, Alan took all of us:  Mom, Dad, Daniel, and me into the city for lunch.  Daniel really enjoyed riding the train, and we got to see where Alan works now.

   5 days until our baby arrives!  Not a moment too soon!

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