Father’s Day: Birth Week 2013

Alan, opening his Father’s Day gifts from the children and me.
  My boys are so ridiculously blessed.  Here’s what they did with their dad for Father’s Day:
1.  gave Daddy his presents
2.  went to church with Daddy
3.  picked up Papa John’s pizza for lunch with Daddy
4.  went out on the BOAT with Daddy– for the second day in a row (um wow)– AND even got to take along some friends with them on the boat today.  I wonder if Alan took pictures….
  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but Alan is an amazing dad.  THANK YOU, Alan for taking such good care of us and being so patient and wonderful.  Alan, I’m so thankful that YOU are my boys’ dad!!!  Love you, Alan!
  We are doubly blessed this Father’s Day b/c my dad is also here with us.  Love you, Dad!
   Alan also has a fantastic father, and we love you too, DaddyO!
  Alan was so exited to have my dad here to take out on the boat because my dad has owned a boat off and on for years.  Alan figured he’d have some good expertise to share, and he did.
   They had a great time.  Dad came back from the river yesterday feeling rejuvenated,  Alan felt happier about his purchase, Caleb had a BLAST, and Joshua finally seems to be over the boat-fear.
   They even have found this beach area where the kids can get out and play in the water and the sand.
   OH!  And Caleb even did some tubing behind the boat with Mr. Sean today.  Way to go Caleb!!
  Now normally, I do love boating.  When I was a kid, we used to go out on Dad’s ski boat, and it was always so much fun.  
   Alan and I took some sort of Marriage Inventory early on in our marriage, and it turned out that we have all of ONE interest in common…….boating…..so this purchase really does make sense for our family.
  This weekend marks the beginning of something super exciting:  BIRTH WEEK.  Unfortunately, for me that means that this weekend I’m not feeling so good.  I have opted to spend the weekend mostly in the comfort of my home.  I’ll be more FUN in a few more months!
   Yesterday I was mostly just cranky.  Today I’ve had a lot of pain, but I’m not quite in labor yet.  The good news is we’re putting an end to this show on Wednesday.  
  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!
Father’s Day Video:  Alan trying to decode Caleb’s spelling…

Video #2:  Alan reading the coupons Caleb made him at school.  Joshua seemed sad b/c he had no coupons made for Daddy b/c “1st graders didn’t do coupons.”
 Lesson learned:  Peek in the boys’ Father’s Day bags in advance to make sure no one feels left out.  I’m sure Joshua would have really enjoyed making some creative coupons for Daddy.  Joshua’s class DID make a really cute card for their dads, shaped like a tie.

HaPpY FaThEr’S DaY!!!!!

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