Prepping for a New Baby

my 38 week photo
I don’t think I look that shocking.  I think I just look like a short-waisted 9 month pregnant lady.  Still, I can’t wait to see how big he is.  My guess is still around 8 1/2 pounds, but who knows!
*** Prepping for the New Baby***
  My parents arrived a week ago, and LOTS of work has been going on around here to prepare for the arrival of a tiny little new person!
  Last Minute Accomplishments:
 — Last week Mom and I finished off my Babies R Us shopping. 
— Alan installed the car seat.
—  I packed John David’s bag as well as my bag.
—  Alan packed his bag!  We have forgotten to do that in advance before!
—  I made a list of easy meals that we have the groceries for already for Mom.
— I made a list of things that must be remembered everyday for Mom and Alan.
–I FINALLY cleaned the marker stains off the dining room chair that Daniel colored..
–I cleaned the worst stain out of the living room carpet (which btw had nothing to do with the children.  Some stains just happen.)
–I packed away SO MANY maternity clothes.
–We have his room ready for him.
–I have my house cleaner hired for the duration of the 6 week recovery.
 precious time with Granddaddy

 good times with Legos
 What’s cuter than a squeaky clean toddler?

 Toddler at work
and precious time with Nana
  I think Nana and Granddaddy may actually experience grandchild-overload this summer!!  They do a great job.
  Hopefully, Nonna will be doing well, and Nonna and DaddyO will also get in some good time with the littles too.  We’re still praying, Nonna!
  Right now Nana, Granddaddy, and Joshua are at Target picking out a backyard baby pool for Dan.  He will be so excited!
  Caleb just got home from a play date with his best bud, Nicholas B.  Daniel is cuddled up to me, watching Max and Ruby.
  I should feel so excited b/c I only have about 36 hours before I leave this house for my c-section.  Instead, I’m still crunching time schedules, trying to figure out when I can squeeze in everyone’s supper and a pool trip for Joshua and Caleb.  I don’t get in the water now, as my cervix is probably open, but I want to let them go while I can!
  In pregnancy, you have good days where you feel almost normal–that’s me today–and you have AWFUL days, full of fatigue and contractions–that was me yesterday.  I need to do all I can while I have this good day!  Who knows what tomorrow will bring!!


  • Anonymous

    This is a re-post of my guess made May 17th: “My guess is 9 lbs, 8 oz., born on June 19, 8:21 AM, Blue eyes.” ~Daddy-O

  • Anonymous

    You look GREAT!!! Counting down in hours now, not days…nice!amy

  • With a guess like that, it's a good thing this is a c section!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you had that pre birth burst of energy! I think you look great this time. You looked bigger with Daniel! Just a few hours left…so exciting! We haven't been able to time one this close before! 🙂 Love and prayers, Nonna

  • Anonymous

    Counting down the days until we see your three big boys! We would love to meet your parents on Sat. The 29th to get the boys and keep them until Lisa and Terry need to pick them up to meet Alan. We owe Lisa and Terry BIG on this one! Sorry I am not able to do our share of helping this time!

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