J.D.’s Nursery

No baby yet….but we put the finishing touches on the nursery this week!  Mom gave us the bedding and monkey wall circles.  The store was out of bumper pads, so those are still to come….
 The bedroom is so super tiny, so I couldn’t get it all in one shot.  This is the nursing/rocking corner of the room.

Best benefit of having a fourth baby:  I purchased zero pieces of furniture for this room.  That was Dan’s crib, the guest room’s chest of drawers, and Caleb and Dan’s old rocker/recliner.  They may not be perfect LOOKING, but they are PERFECT functionally.  ; )
I LOVE this 31 brand diaper bag from my friend Abby!

And I LOVE how this boppy from Yoga Monica perfectly matches John David’s room!  (side note:  I have two good friends named Monica.  In order to quickly distinguish the two I refer to them as Yoga Monica (my yoga trainer) and blonde Monica.  : )  I just love both Monicas!  
  Of course, I pulled a whole lot of the nursery stuff straight from Dan’s room to J.D.’s room, so I figured he deserved a room makeover as well!  We went with a sports ball theme for Dan, because he is our most sports oriented child ever.  I’ve never had a two year old that likes to bat with no tee, throw, catch, and watch the Nats play!
You won’t believe who arranged those wall stickers:  Caleb!  I thought he did a great job.
Nonna painted the ball painting and the name letters.  Thank you, Nonna.  By the way, in redecorating, Daniel insisted on keeping the Pooh Bear painting Nonna did in HIS room, not the basement (which is where I sent the other Pooh decor).
Joshua has started asking for the desk to be moved to his room instead of Dan’s, so that will probably happen soon.  My little artist wants his own desk, and I think that’s fair.
Before I could get a picture of the whole room, my battery died.  BUT I took more with my actual camera.  It just takes longer for those to make it to the blog, so those are coming soon.  ; )  (My uploader is downstairs, and April the Pregnant gets tired of stairs…..)
  It’s amazing that we have left Dan baby powder in his room, considering the day of the “snowing in his room” incident…….(who knew baby powder made such great pretend snow).  What a mess.  Nice bonus:  my vacuum cleaner smelled like baby powder for weeks!
  Ya’ll, in less than 15 hours our new baby will be out of my belly and in his daddy’s arms.  
  YES!  NOW I’m excited!!!  
The first day of a c-section is hard, so give me a couple days to get the photos/info uploaded to the blog.  For those of you who are friends with Alan on facebook, an update there should be up fairly quickly tomorrow.  Maybe I can talk Alan into posting a pic to my blog as well.  : )
Oh!  And school is officially out for the summer!!!  The kids are so happy.  My accomplishment of the day is that I took the sparsely decorated, furniture-pushed-to-the-wall (from where we pulled up the carpet…..you remember the flood?) basement, and I turned it into a REAL playroom for the boys to use and abuse this summer to their hearts content.  
  I am happy to report that it is a riotous mess down there:  train tracks built, battery checks complete, cars everywhere, Batcave in place, and the floor is covered in TOYS.  It’s a blessed sight!!  : )

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