Tired Daddy and John David catching a little z’s
  This morning my parents loaded three of our children up in their van and headed South.  (Did I mention my parents bought a new vehicle to accommodate our constantly expanding family?)
  Most all moms get worried about things like their children’s safety, but I am actually not known for worrying much.  Most people consider me to be a very laid back person.
   Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation and all the pain pills, or the fact that even Alan was worried, but suddenly that perfectly normal instinct kicked in for me.
  I knew I NEEDED the kids to take a vacation without me.  I knew they needed to go off and have some fun.  I knew their grandparents needed some quality time with them.
  I know they are super safe with my parents doing the driving.  They are way more cautious with their driving than I am!!  
  And yet, there was this worry.
  The Bible says,
“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”  in Matthew 6:27.

So true!  Worrying will not help my family, so today we are just praying earnestly for the safety of all three boys + my parents on the highway, and we are trusting God to take care of them.
  God is more than trustworthy, so I am at peace, knowing they are in His hands.


Those kids have had a blast this week, by the way! School is out, we have a new baby, and life is good. Here are some cute things that we have heard:

**Caleb told our neighbors, “Yep, he’s out now. He got out!” (proudly proclaiming the fact that John David is no longer in my belly).

**One of the kids, I don’t remember which, told their friends.  “John David is really cute, but he has this belly button that is really long.”

**Joshua asked Nana, “Why is he naked? Daniel was born with clothes on!”

**This morning we were all downstairs, except John David. Caleb announced, “The baby’s awake!” to which we all said, “Oh, thank you, Caleb. That was very good, letting us know.”…..and then Caleb shouted over his shoulder, “I’ll go get him!” as he headed upstairs…..

Four adults jumped up after him saying, “nonononooono!”

** I have been going down the stairs 2x/day the last couple of days, and Alan always walks me down, to catch me in case I fall or anything. This morning I stood at the top of the stairs and yelled down, “Who wants to help me come down the stairs?”

Daniel was the only one listening, and he shouted back, “Me! Me! Me! (his favorite phrase) and came rushing up the stairs saying, “help, help.”

   My heart was so filled with love for that pudgy little doll. By then Alan, Mom, and Caleb had all caught on to what was afoot and were all standing at the bottom of the stairs.

  Daniel caught up to me, turned around, and held up his arms for me to pick him up!

   Ha! Some helper, huh!

   Caleb also caught up with me, and offered me his hand.

Mom and Alan were at the bottom saying, “April, you can’t! April, you can’t!” [pick up Daniel]  Did ya’ll really think I was going to pick up 30 lb Daniel 4 days after surgery? Geesh. I’m not that crazy.

  Once I explained to Dan that I had a boo-boo so I could only hold his hand, he was on board. I walked down the stairs holding both Caleb and Daniel’s hands, with Alan walking right in front of me, and Daniel showing me all his boo-boos on the way.

And this is why it’s fun to have lots of children. They are adorable and hilarious!

**Every time you ask a sentence that starts with “Does anybody….” or “Who wants”, you can bet that Daniel will be the first to rush up, shouting “Me! Me! Me!” I had forgotten what a sweet and precious phase 2 -year-olds are!

**Daniel, who never wants to use the potty anymore–I know–so aggravating–suddenly becomes the potty star when out in public. He must have used the hospital bathroom 2 times in 30 minutes. This is our first kid to think public bathrooms are big fun.

Joshua, doing a little dance to entertain John David.

“Every good and perfect gift is from the Father.”  James 1:17

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  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA! I love the “Why is he naked, Daniel was born with clothes on!” They are so funny! Love y'all, Amber

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