Newborn Time

John David, 8 days old

   I am now 9 days out from my c-section.  I’m feeling better, but not great.  C-sections are a literal pain, but of course it is worth it to have my precious new little man.
   Drugs have become a very important part of my life.  (Sounds like a wonderful mommy thing to say, huh?)  When they first sent me home, I tried to keep up with my own medication schedule.  After twice taking the wrong medication (It would be time for percoset, and I would be so confused that I’d give myself Motrin 800…way before I was due for it).  I handed Alan all the medications and told him he’d have to keep up with it for me.
   I so panicked when I realized that I had 1600mg of ibuprofen in my system!  I called the hospital and asked them if I could still feed the baby, etc.   They assured me I could.  Phew…
  I’ve had headaches ever since the surgery.  I had sinus problems too, but I finally realized 2 things:
1.  I’m allergic to “my chair”.  (Dust mites live all over upholstered furniture, carpet, and such.  I’ve had two allergy tests over the years, and dust mites were always a big problem for me.  Dust mites and grass.)
2.  I’m taking zyrtec daily again, and I’m still sitting in my chair.  : )
 As for the headaches, the only cure I have found is coffee.  The other night I had to drink coffee to be able to go to sleep.  So weird.
I think the headaches are caused by the drugs.  ugh.  I’m weaning myself off the Motrin today, but I still need the percoset.
  I can totally see why people get addicted to that.  It really helps!  But don’t worry, I’m not addicted to percoset.  I’m simply recovering from a painful surgery.

How funny is J.D. in this picture?
And yes, I know I look rough.  See paragraph a.  Also, I feel like I get a pass on make-up wearing and hair straightening until the 2 week mark, at least.  ; )
Newborn Life
John David, a few days ago, wearing one of his newborn outfits, which he is starting to grow out of already!
  We are full on doing the newborn thing.  With the kids gone, it feels like a very quiet stay-cation…kind of like we’ve stepped back in time.  Not only are J.D.’s days and nights mixed up, but ours are too.  We stay up until 1am watching movies and playing Ticket to Ride against each other online.  (We are literally playing a board game against each other online….so we don’t have to sit at the table or set up and clean up the game.  Did I mention this is the first time we’ve played a board game in YEARS?)
   Then John David and I sleep until around 11:30 am.  Alan gets up some time earlier than that.  He seems to require a fraction of the amount of sleep that I require!
    I spend a lot of time just feeding the baby.  There is this wonderful thing that no one tells you about breastfeeding:  When you breastfeed, your body releases a hormone that makes you feel all happy, cozy, and sleepy….It seems to have the same effect on the baby b/c when we breastfeed it is typical for both of us to fall asleep.  ….Unfortunately, that hormone kicks in well after the latch-on pain.  In the beginning, breastfeeding hurts.  Yow.  But it only lasts a minute, and it’s worth it.
    John David is one of those delightful easy-going babies.  You can bet that if he is crying he’s either hungry or he’s peed all over himself.  This one is so much like Joshua was.  We are so thankful.  Caleb and Daniel had more gas issues, and Caleb seemed to never nap.  All fourth babies should be this easy!
 My friend Lauren, holding John David.  And thank you for the yummy cookies, Lauren!
 Lauren’s adorable little girl
 Maelle meets J.D.
 J.D., home from the office.  : )

 I <3 summer flowers!  I didn't plant these day lillies and hydrangeas, but that's the fantastic thing about planting.  It's a work that lasts for years and years and blesses people long after you are gone.
 Check out what Alan bought for the boys.  Apparently when you add our 4 boys + Daddy, we actually have our own basketball team right here.

 Look how tiny he is in his rocker!

 Yes, I’m aware Joshua sometimes still writes his letters backwards….but how cute is what he wrote!
“The chicken tenders are delicious.  You can’t skip tenders.  They are so delicious.”

 our new desk…already looking cluttered up
 I finally finished Caleb’s baby book!  Yay!!!!

The Boys’ Vacation
  Joshua, Caleb, and Daniel are having a great time in Alabama.  Today they switch from my parents to Alan’s parents.  Yesterday my mom took the three of them to Water World all by herself.  Way to go, Mom!!  I’m impressed.
   Caleb, our fearless one, went down the biggest water slide they have (see photo above).  I did that one once, and I was pretty scared of it myself.  Caleb came down so happy and excited, wanting to do it again, so JOSHUA decided to do it with him!!  What!  Joshua did that water slide!?  I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true.  I bet that took a lot of bravery on his part, since he’s naturally more cautious.  Way to go, Joshua!!!


  • Anonymous

    “As for the headaches, the only cure I have found is coffee. The other night I had to drink coffee to be able to go to sleep. So weird.”

    Not weird at all IMHO. ~Daddy-O

  • Anonymous

    I chose to stop Percocet because I think it was giving me headaches. But I can't be sure. It is really oxycodone and hydrocodones give me terrible headaches. I hope John David isn't being so calm and sleepy because of all the meds you are taking. I am sure you have googled to check all that. Joshua said tonight that I had lost weight and wasn't fat any more!!!! Best comment I have had!! Bad thunderstorm tonight made boys a little nervous but all are asleep now. The desk is really pretty. Oh, the two older boys had a science lesson tonight on hurricanes and tornadoes. Don't know what they will remember since it was at bedtime without visual aids. LOVE these boys. Thank you so much. Love, Nonna

  • Nonna,
    So glad the boys are doing well. That was kind of a double sided comment from Joshua. I'd like to teach him not to refer to people as 'fat' past or present, so I'm very sorry about that. You do look good. Janet sent us pics of you and DaddyO at the reunion, and you looked both looked good. We thought ya'll looked so happy there.
    I think you are right about the percocet and the headaches b/c it's very rare for me to get headaches.
    I have actually taken it with all the births since none of my births went well. Even still, only Joshua and John David were as calm and sleepy as this. The nurses assured me the baby wouldn't get any of it, and the anesthesiologist said that he wouldn't get enough for it to make a difference.
    Get plenty of rest when you can! Those boys will be up at the crack of dawn, ready to go! : ) Have fun!

  • Anonymous

    You look beautiful, and young! Nana

  • Lauren

    Thanks for posting this! I love the photos! SO glad you bought a good camera! We have a Canon Rebel and I adore it, takes amazing photos 🙂

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