DeTox Day

Apparently being J.D. is just exhausting.  This is what he usually looks like.
  My recovery has not been all peaches and cream the last few days, so I’m pretty excited that John David’s best hobby is sleeping.  Hopefully, by the time he comes out of the newborn sleep phase and is ready to join the family (remember we did jolt him from his womb before he asked…), I will be more fully functioning and able to handle a new baby!
   The last few days I have been unable to get rid of a headache for long (first time that’s ever happened), unable to sleep much (which is weird, shouldn’t I be sleepy?), along with other unpleasant symptoms I will spare you the details of.
   I decided it has been 10 days anyway, so it’s time for me to kiss the heavy pain meds goodbye.  I have switched to regular tylenol and motrin 400.
  So far…..headache still comes and goes, and I can barely wake up. I am SO UNBELIEVABLY sleepy.  My back hurts now, but only if I’m up and moving.
   I have literally slept all day, and it’s 5:40pm.
   Granted, I didn’t go to sleep last night until 3:30am.
  This sleep problem can’t even be blamed on the baby.  The baby does not sleep all night, but he’s not awful either.  He sleeps around the clock, but he typically wakes up to be fed at 12am and 3:30am.  I guess two times/night isn’t too bad for a 1 week old.  Once fed, he always goes right back to sleep.
  That’s what finally put me to sleep last night, holding that precious baby in his rocker.  He is the best part of our day!
  We miss the rest of the boys SO MUCH.  I can’t even explain how much we miss them.  Thank you so much, Nonna and DaddyO, for the pictures of them.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for doing so much for them.  I know they miss us less when they are having all this fun in Alabama.
 Got the package, Amber!  Thank you!!
   Alan, as most of you know, is super handy. Alan’s idea of a week of rest doesn’t include a lot of sitting in the living room watching t.v. (But yes, we have watched at least 1 movie/day).
  The man is a machine.  Here’s a little of what he’s accomplished this week:
1.  Rearranged furniture to better suit the children as they keep growing:
Daniel’s changing table is gone.  (Now please learn to potty, Dan).  In it’s place:  these shelves for toys and books.

Dan’s sports themed room.  He insisted on keeping the Pooh Bear painting though, which we thought was too sweet.  Seriously, Nonna, we think you are the greatest artist.  You can paint for us anytime you want.  ; )

 Goal:  Fill the brothers frame with a photo this week…
 Joshua’s side
I took down the art to the left of the big poster to make room for new art.  The old art, pictured here, got destroyed when they put Angry Bird stickers all over it.  Those boys can’t really be trusted with stickers.
Alan’s accomplishments continued:
2.  Fixed the flat tire on Joshua’s bicycle
3.  Fixed the chain on his own bicycle
4.  Returned both his mountain and his road bike to rideable condition.  (He and Joshua have been doing some bike riding this summer, which Alan is pretty excited about).  School aged children can do some fun stuff!
5.  Kept me well fed and medicated
6.  Quieted John David anytime I need him to do so.  Seriously, Alan could teach Father’s Ed to new dads.  He’s amazing.
7.  Acquired a new desk for the family
8…….drum roll please………..
Can you feel the excitement??
I’m so excited!
Now, hopefully tomorrow I will be completely “de-toxed” and will not have to sleep all day.  : )


  • Anonymous

    We found out that for us, the best way to get the boys to sleep is let Daniel fall aside with me first and then put him in Amy's bed with whoever is in that bed AND asleep. I have done this two nights and both nights it takes him 44 minutes to fall a sleep. He goes through a ritual of tricks, antics, yawning, and eye rubbing with his little fists. It is useless to tell him to go to sleep, I have to just be patient. ~Love, Daddy-O 🙂

  • Ha! I'm sorry, DaddyO! Sounds like you're doing a great job handling the littlest Wild Man. At home we put him in his bed, turn out the light, and close the door. But your house is just so new and exciting, it's just too much fun for sleep. ; ) We wish you much more luck for quicker bedtimes in the week ahead!
    PS I forgot to tell ya'll that he always sleeps with at least 2 stuffed animals, one for each arm, and sometimes also 2 cars, one for each little hand…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! We'll try that. ~Daddy-O 🙂

  • Anonymous

    😉 your Welcome! That Blanket was so soft, I wanted to keep it! lol Glad you like it!

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