First Day Alone

He’s so cute when he wakes up…..but sometimes I just want him to go back to sleep….
Does that sound bad?  I really adore him!  It’s just that now that the percoset is no longer working me over, I am soooooo sleepy.
Alan went back to work today.  He left work early, so it wasn’t a whole day, but it was my first day back into the routine.  
There were low points:
-I finally had to resort to giving John David a pacifier, in order to lull him into sleep.  (He loved it).
-I slept in his recliner from 8-11:30 am because I didn’t have the energy to put him back in his crib.
BUT there were also high points:
-The pacifier worked like a charm that allowed me to actually do a chore and eat!
-I watched an awesome episode of Andy Griffith show and several delightful episodes of The Waltons!  🙂
Ya’ll!  Alan and I almost never get to watch t.v., so this has been a rare treat.  We watched several movies:
The Grace Card:  don’t do it… depressing….
Faith Like Potatoes:  better, great ending, but still quite dramatic
For the Love of the Game:  enjoyed it for a while…then it went all sad too….then it finally got better again.  What is the deal with these dramatic movies??  I personally believe that ALL movies should be funny.
Troy:  We totally should’ve named one of our boys Hector.  BUT there was a scene where all the Spartan men were picking on this Troy girl that I found so disturbing I had to stop watching the movie.
   I have become very sensitive to ugliness on t.v., and there is a LOT of ugliness on t.v.  I just can’t stand to watch it.
Best programs I’ve watched in these whole 9 days of recovery time:  The Waltons.  This show is just good.  You gotta watch it!
Ugh.  Little House on the Prairie is coming on, so now I have to change the channel.  I know this is supposed to be *clean family fun* show too, but it just gets on my nerves for some reason.
I’d better go feed the baby.  I finally convinced him to wait three hours (as opposed to 1.5) between feedings (by cheating and using the pacifier —thanks for sending those, Amber), but if I let him go more than three hours, I’ll be paying for that tonight!


  • Anonymous

    I totally agree that all movies should be funny! Or happy ending romances. I am opposite on my shows, though. I love Little House and can't stand The Waltons! Ha! Amy

  • Anonymous

    The early episodes of the Waltons weren't so bad, but they went downhill fast after year 2, IHHO. ~Daddy-O

  • Anonymous

    Correction “……they went downhill fast after year 2, IMHO.” [Not IHHO]

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