John David: The Uncut Version

feeling a little bit cross-eyed….
  I was looking through the photos on my tablet today, and I realized that I had shared all of the *best*, sweetest photos……but I did not share the funniest photos…..  
  So here you have it:  John David’s birth uncensored:
First off:  more of these hybrid video/pictures.  I really have no idea how we made these.

 Look!  I can take pictures of myself!
 These juice boxes they give to Mommy are delicious!

 I think Caleb kind of looks like a Dr. Seuss character in this picture.  And yes, Nana is wearing 2 pairs of glasses.

 Aw, what a sweet brother, and oh OH!  What is the toddler DOING!?
 Hmm…I can’t imagine why they don’t let unrelated children visit the babies….Children aren’t any more germy than the rest of us, right???

 Nothing funny here, just a very sweet, sleeping newborn.
 This was Joshua, making underarm noises to impress the baby.
 I don’t know what Alan said, but I’m not so sure that Joshua agreed.

 Ah, yes, the high tech production that we call hospital photography.  You know how much I paid for these photos?  $70!  Crazy, right?  But here’s the thing.  I didn’t buy them with Joshua, and it took me 6 weeks to finally feel up to taking him to have photos made.  After that I always bought the hospital photos, no matter how awful!  (John David’s are nothing fancy or whimsical–obviously–but they are good pictures of him anyway).

Joshua was super-excited about J.D.’s arrival.  But upon his first hospital visit, he found the baby screaming and crying and Mommy with tubes running into her arms, and he was a little bit traumatized.  Nana brought him again later, once things had settled down.  As you can see from these photos, he still felt a bit apprehensive.  By the time he left he seemed greatly settled, though.  Joshua LOVES it when we have new babies, and he has been around for this three times  now!
  I thought those were fun.
  Today is a very important day.  Alan is on the road right now with our three oldest boys, returning home from their 2 week vacation in Alabama.  I am so excited to see them.
  This will be a great turning point and change from the drowsy, dull weeks that we have had lately!  I had hoped that I would feel better and more energetic by now.  Instead, I still kind of feel like…..sleepy dirt….
  I have a feeling my children will help bring me back to life.
  BIG thank you to all the sweet friends who have brought food, baby things, etc.  I feel rather spoiled! I will never lose the baby weight with all the delicious treats that my friends have provided!  Thank you.   We enjoyed every bit of it.
People have been very sweet, saying that John David is precious and beautiful.  Of course, he is.  Every single baby is the cutest and the sweetest that ever was.
  Have you ever noticed how all newborns kind of look the same?  

See if you can tell which baby is which!  Good luck!

So I’ll go back to my little quiet world of sleep deprivation now….Tomorrow things are going to get INTERESTING…..


  • Anonymous

    Are the baby pictures Daniel, John David, John David, Joshua, Daniel, Caleb,Wesley, last one I can't relly see bit maybe Joshua?

  • Close! Unfortunately, I accidentally left out a Caleb newborn photo. : /
    They are: Dan, JD,JD, JD, Dan, Dan, Wesley, Joshua.
    I have the most photos of Dan and JD b/c those were the babies I have on the hard drive of this computer….the older baby photos are in digital storage and photo albums.

  • Anonymous

    I got #7 right! Keep the hybrid pics coming…very cool! Amy

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