But what do we call him??

His profile reminds me so much of Joshua
This was Joshua at 2 months, a little older, but same profile.  We are still using that blanket and night gown too.
     John David has not had a good day today, not unless you consider feeding the baby every 1 1/2 to 2 hours a good day, which I most certainly do not.  
   This is one of those days when you just want some time alone, which is a pretty laughable request right now….
   Now he’s crying again.  I suppose I will finish this later.

   Okay, let’s see how much of this I can get done before John David wakes up to be fed again.  At his current rate, I have 35 minutes before I have to feed him again…

 He sneezes a lot…..I guess he’ll fit right in!
 It’s important to pop out the flash on my new camera.  If you don’t the pic looks fuzzy like this one above.   With the flash it’s much better:
 How adorable is our little fireman?
 Nicholas B. got to join us for one last play date before his move.  My mom thought it was funny that even when he was the only Nicholas here, the boys kept calling him Nicholas B.  : )

 Jell-o time.
 Fascinated.  The boys are fascinated with the baby.

 They were sweetly sitting together, watching t.v.  I guess they just weren’t ready for the picture.

 Me, in my dazzling post-partum wardrobe, and our sweet baby..  
The last two days I finally started wearing actual shirts again.  It just made me feel better to at least look like I got dressed.  Of course when I say real clothes, I do not mean my regular clothes.  Most of those are still 20 pounds away.  For now, I settle for maternity clothes.  In a couple of weeks I will try on my “postpartum shirts.”  That’s the beauty of having done this so many times.  I have every size of clothes from Large Maternity on down to Petite Small tops and Tall Small pants.  Man, I sound disproportional!

I’m cleaning out my xanga videos in case the site is closed with the changes xanga is making, and I came across this one, of Alan and me at my favorite place: Destin, in 2008. And yes, that was me at my goal weight. Let’s see if I can get back to that.

 Newborns look so serious.  He has shown us his smile a few times, and we look forward to the days when he will feel a little happier!

 Daniel looks like such a giant beside “Bobby!”

 Daniel, doing his impression of a newborn.  Hey look!  One of the boys inherited my joy of impersonating others!
 What!?  Mom!

Does anyone recognize this blanket?  It was made by Alan’s grandma.  I have heard both Janet and Nonna refer to it as “the good blanket.”  It really is good b/c it’s so nice and big, but thin enough for summer.
  This afternoon Caleb asked me what John David’s nickname is.  I’ve had lots of people ask me this, and I usually say, “JD.”  Today I asked Caleb, “Well, what do you want it to be?”
  Caleb replied, “Bobby!”  (That’s what Dan calls the baby.)
   I said, “Well, okay, then, Bobby.”
  Caleb smiled and trooped on back to the Lego table.  A few minutes later, I announced to everyone that I was taking John David up for a nap, and I told them all to tell him “night, night.”
  Everyone in the living room said, “Night, night, John David!”  except for Caleb, who said,
   “Bye-bye Bob!”
….Give us a few more weeks to be more sure of what we will really call him!
  This weekend Alan’s dad’s side of our family is having a family reunion, so we’re excited about that, and we spent today getting ready for it.  The boys were disappointed to learn that this group does not include Garrett, but they are super excited to meet Wesley and see Jud again.
  Oh!  I’m feeling a lot less worried about next week.  Greg and Amy will be here Monday-Wednesday,      
Joshua has VBS from 9-12 every day–which my friend Catherine is giving him rides to, and Friday Olivia is coming.  The only day I will truly be solo is Thursday, and by that point I will officially be 4 weeks out and clear to occasionally pick up Daniel.  The doc said that after a few weeks I can pick up Daniel, but still no strenuous exercise.
   I take those doctor’s orders pretty seriously.  I have no interest in messing myself up and making this recovery take even longer.  
  And while the boys are at the reunion, Mom and I will get some time to recover from our week of hard work!  It wasn’t terrible this week.  It was just busy.  I made the boys do one school related task each day (reading, writing, or Summer Bridge workbook).  Mom handled all the chores, and we are just so overwhelmingly blessed to have so many people bringing us meals. 
   Let’s just hope Bobby lets me get some sleep tonight….

  Oh, check out the “videos” tab that I recently added to the home page.  The videos I currently have up are of Joshua when he was Daniel’s age, or just click on this link:   Videos

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